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  • On this post-Admin will share a tutorial on how to backup and restore a blog post. With the feature Backup and Restore blog post, of course, this is very useful where we can backup all the blog posts that we have created and we publish to watch out if something happens with our blog. Just imagine how if there was a hack on our blog or know-know our blog can no longer be accessed how sad to lose the blog post that we have made it hard to just disappear.  

    Feature Backup is also useful for bloggers who want to duplicate content without having to copy-paste the post one by one, simply by restarting the post on the new blog automatically post the backed-up blog will be published exactly the same without There is no shortage.  

    , Besides, Feature is also utilized for seller bloggers, as we know a lot of now the bloggers who deliberately build a blog then after the blog so finally sold traded. Obviously, this seller of bloggers will not just remove all his posts, of course, he will back up the blog post he has made and will restore it back to the new blog that will be also sold. In this regard in the opinion of the Admin, Buyer blog is actually harmed, how not? Kok can?

    Here's a buddy blogger, when a blogger sells his blog which Notabene is ready AdSense Program about the quality of the blog content that will be backed, it is impossible that he will just take off all the content so only, will certainly Make it difficult because every time the blog is sold he has to create quality content while his blog sells blogs. One more Sobag blogger posts that are backed up and then restored will be automatically published on the blog exactly the same as the original from the contents of the post until the author's data and the data created the post. Well when the Seller blog Merestor post it from a blog that has been sold of course the results of the post in the section authors (Postinger) will be the same or according to the Google account, of course, the blog that was bought by the buyer who has account Different Google will be indicated that the post belongs to someone else, not hers, the ends of the buyer hit the effectiveness of a plagiarism buddy blogger. Unless the buyer buys the Blog and account Google related to the blog is only secure according to the Admin's view.  

    or to deal with buyer Blogger can manually copy paste the post one by one to the blog that was purchased earlier by backing up the post, restore on a new blog as a media publish while then copy it back one One page of posts. In this way, the post will be copied by copy-paste Google.  

    Now let's start the tutorial how to backup a blog post, I've got into Blogger then select the Settings menu, in the Settings sub-menu Select other than select Backup content

    There will be a content backup notification please click Save to Computer

    Then to restart the Blog content that we have backed up, go to the Blogger Select Settings menu, on the submenu select other settings and then select the menu import content. Will appear the initial dialogue process restore please checklist I'm not a Robot then Klick import from a computer

    Cari dimana lokasi file Backup konten yang akan direstore/diimpor setelah ketemu klik Open, secara otomatis proses restore konten blog akan berjalan dan tunggu sampai selesai.

    Quite, So Tutorial how to backup and Restore Blog post content, hopefully, useful and see you at the next Tutorial.

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