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  • Change the domain of Geratisan versions such as Blogspot to Domain Top Level Domain (TLD) is a thing that can be done by bloggers who want his blog to appear more okay and impressed professional. But have ever thought in our minds to do a Backup of the unique Custom Domain Blogger code that only appears once in one Google account when we migrate to a TLD Domain? What needs to be done? And what are the benefits of doing Backup unique code Custom Domain Blogger? < br/>

    Backup with unique domain code is a thing that needs to be done is even very important and recommended for you who have the opportunity to migrate to a TLD domain with different type after the period of the domain TLD expires. For example, the type. com domain wants to migrate to type. online and so on.   < br/>

    As Admin mentioned above because of important of course, one of the benefits of doing backups   a unique custom domain code is because the code appears only one time on one account Google Aktiv linked with the blog then when When we will migrate to another type of domain is certainly such code will not reappear while we do not remember the code and do not do backup plus the domain is expired and forgot to be extended and can not be extended because Have crossed the opportunity to suspend the domain's activation. < br/>

    In this case you will surely experience the conditions of the undoing and confused how to get a solution to retrieve the unique custom domain code while the new TLD domain activation process in lieu must enter Unique custom domain code in the DNS Manager settings. This is where the importance of backing up and the benefits of backing up unique custom domain code.   < br/>

    For Buddy bloggers who are preparing to migrate to the TLD domain, it is best to do an early backup of the unique custom domain code while setting the copy-paste the implementation of the TLD domain. As for the blogger who is already registering and having an active TLD domain can follow the following steps:   < br/>

    Go to Domain Account settings where you bought a wallet for TLDs, in this example Admin bought a domain from DomaiNesia. A unique custom domain code resides in the DNS Manager CNAME settings menu.   < br/>

    Copy 2 unique code custom domain you Host Name and CNAME can be saved in Notepad or Microsoft Word is up to where it likes. By backing up unique custom domain code like this we can free anytime switch/migrate to another TLD domain type at any time.   < br/>

    Quite, So Tutorial how to Backup unique code Custom Domain Blogger. Thank you for visiting and see you in the next tutorial. < br/>

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