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  • On this post the admin will discuss tutorials on how to check and test the blog site will be Mobile-Friendly in view. Mobile-Friendly means that the appearance of the blog can be loaded quickly and thoroughly in several seconds according to the display format of handphone.

    To start the test please visit the following link: href="href="https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly">Test

    In the URL input field of the site please buddy Bloger Enter the address or link blog

    Once the blog link address is inserted to continue Klick run the Evaporum, wait a while then will be shown the results of the check. If the result of the check as shown below is caused by blocking robots. txt which is intentionally plotted and activated in the Blog Settings menu.

    If you want to have a friend blogger already installed and activate the robot. txt setting manually then one way to get the test result is not blocked buddy blogger can temporarily disable the robot. txt setting than when it is finished Do test restore settings like the original.

    Quite, so Tutorial on how to do a speed Test page Blog site, hopefully, easy to understand and see you in the next Tutorial.

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