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  • One of the site SEO Audit     Online to check the health and score SEO   The most Popular blog is Neil Patel SEO Analyzer. By writing the service Nalyzer SEO you can find out the level of health blogs and any issues that affect your SEO Score level Blog. Obviously, this will make it easier to know things to fix so that the health of the blog is increasing and can compete in Google search engine search results.

    Neil Patel Seo Analyzer itself is one of the favorite site admins where the Admin monitors the health improvement of the Admin blog day by day. In addition, admins also often use Neil Patel's site Seo Checker Seositecheckup.com. There we can see the details of the things that are the assessment part of the SEO of a website and also outlined the point that I have fulfilled and that should be repaired so that the SEO score increases.

    For those who want to try to do a health check and SEO Score Blog please visit app.neilpatel.com or can also use seositecheckup.com.

    Once you get into the page of the dashboard of Neil Patel Seo analyizer on the input domain field enter your blog's domain URL then click ANALYIZE WEBSITE  

    Wait approximately about 1-3 minutes The process of analyize the blog will take place

    After the process of Analyze the blog is completed then it will be shown the value SEO score blog on the line On-Page Seo Score, here also displayed Organic Monthly traffic, Organi Keywords and the number of backlinks that have been obtained. Due to the new in-Wepo blog for the whole corn so for organic results, organic keywords and backlinks are still empty.

    Here also displayed a problem that influenced the health of the blog as shown in the screenshot above in-wepo.com go through the problem Broken Link as many as 5 pieces and Have Issues as much as 117 pieces. To view the details of the issue please click the text section of the report. For example, Admin trying to find out what is actually the problem, then click the text Have issues result will show a list of problem details as shown in the following figure:

    In addition to details of the problem here are also provided alternatives or solutions how to resolve the detected problems.

    To open a description of how to solve or fix the problem stay we klick how do Fix it how I fix it?

    Then we will be redirected to a new browser tab page that contains a description of the problem and solution to the problem being encountered.

    If in the explanation of the problem solving provided by SEO Neil Patel Analyzer is difficult to understand or not listed points that can be applied directly to solve the problem then we use a keyword from the explanation Problem solving to find the solution by means of Google serching.

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