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  • has an approved Blog being part of the Google AdSense advertising Publisher is a pride and satisfaction of its own for a blogger who is indeed targeting the Blog as a Google AdSense advertising Publisher. But behind the success of registering a blog to the Google AdSense advertising Publisher program needs to be an ad control of what is shown on our blog. This is where the importance of managing, filtering and blocking the appearance of certain ads from Google AdSense is inappropriate, whether it is inappropriate with a nice blog or more important and primary that is not in accordance with the belief In our religion, especially Muslims.

    Departing from experience and thinking over the Admin felt excited to create a post with the theme < span style = "FONT-size: large; " > The importance of managing and filtering and blocking Google AdSense ads that don't match your beliefs In religious and because the Admin of a Muslim surely this post Admin is intended only for bloggers who are Muslims. For those readers who may be Non-Muslim Please discuss this discussion, and apologize if it feels a fanatic or feels most correct in religion because this is our religious principle that is Islam there is no tolerance in belief.  

    Here's the Admin give sample screenshots   Non-Muslim ads, so for you guys who are Muslim bloggers let alone your blog theme will not be until your Blog publish other religions.  

    Looked above the blog of the Admin Tausiyah Islami just Approved, publicizing the Christian religion, of course this is very contradictory to the purpose of the establishment of the blog, and how stupid if until we as the owner of the blog The religion of Islam, which shows other religious advertisements and leave them alone. Surely it will be accountable later in the hereafter. So be careful about showing Google AdSense ads, immediately doing blog and inappropriate adblocking.

    Here are some Non-Muslim ad URLS that have already aired on the Admin blog, and we must block them through the AdSense blocking controls menu.

    For how to block or block the advertisements as above, log into your Google AdSense account, then select the Blocking Control menu, select your blog's site domain.

    On the Right blocking menu page Select advertising URL, enter the URL of the ad to be blocked and then click Block URL.  

    We can also set the type and type of advertisement displayed on the blog by accessing the General Categories menu, please checklist and unchecks the ads that want to be displayed or blocked, click the play arrow next to the category to select sub Category Ads.

    We can also disable sensitive categories of ads, such as social casino games ads which are gambling games, and contraceptive category ads that will certainly show ads with images that are erotic while in Islam are not Can or haram look at pictures that are erotic-smelling pornography.  

    Please be blocked, lest we obtain the sin teacher from those who access our blog if we disable all the advertisements that violate Islamic sharia certainly our blog will be more Barokah and get rewarded away from the things Prohibited in religion.  

    That's the important point of managing and Memfilster and blocking ad serving from Google AdSense that does not correspond to Nice blogs and religious beliefs.

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