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  • Having Hoby being a blogger is something that is currently booming and viral and positive value. Where the current number of new bloggers or ordinary bloggers are increasingly increasing the day as the number of YouTubers today. Surely as a beginner blogger a lot of things about the management of blogs that need to be learned.

    One of the most major skill should be mastered by a beginner blogger is the ability to carry out application or light editing on used templates, such as the ability to change link-link URL of the header menu and the default footer template Usually still represented the # sign, the ability to add new widget features and otherwise remove widgets that are not important or less liked, the ability to install AD units either Google AdSense or advertising from alternative publishers other than AdSense like AdNow and MGID as well as many other management capabilities that are not likely to be mentioned in this post as a whole.

    It is important and should be learned in order for your novice blogger to be a bit-small fix and or modify the look of the template you are using, because, in fact, many novice bloggers are taking shortcuts by asking for help To friends of fellow bloggers to make some implementation changes to the template by rewarding. If this is familiarizing it will negatively impact where they will never be able to hone the skills of science around the management of the blog and will continue in the dependence of others ' help even loss materially because it is generally the purpose Become a blogger because it feels attracted to Google AdSense ad revenue. While to be able to get and can enjoy the results of the revenue delivery or Klick Google AdSense ads on the blog that already Approved need a very long process, many things to learn and it takes a short time, experience For the sake of experience will flow by itself over time by meeting various problems and solutions.

    As for the important initial step you guys apply before attempting to do template editing (learn to edit the template yourself) is to do an HTML code backup template. This is in case of a later error or an inappropriate view after doing some changes to the HTML template edit code such as a messy template view.

    For how to backup please copy all the HTMl code templates that are in the HTML Edit menu then save the code by using NotePad application, give the identity name of the backup file as you wish.

    When you already have a file backup template, then encountered a constraint error code that can not be resolved or passed as well as the appearance of the template is quite messy after editing. You can easily restore it as originally by using the code in the backup template file, copy the code from the master backup template's NotePad then blog with CTRL + A Paste code template that error with the combination of keyboard CTRL + V Then clicks the Save Theme menu.

    It is also to be in case if it turns out after the template editing one day feel less satisfied and want to return to the initial display before editing. Or you try to use a new template then after a while you feel the template does not match then with backup files you can restore the appearance of the blog as before.

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