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  • Before you decide to register a blog to the AdSense advertising Publisher program It's a good idea to prepare everything that becomes the absolute terms and conditions so that the blog is approved by the AdSense Team (Approved).

    Among the initial preparations to be prepared is to choose a suitable theme for your blog, in addition to that the theme should also be with an SEO Friendly look meaning here is the theme or template used when the blog accessed can be Menyesuikan Device used.

    Complete the Blog Header menu, blog Header menu can be fetched from the post Label and not all labels should be blog header menu, select labels representing quality posts. Make sure the link from the Blog header menu is nothing still empty usually if the default template still contains the code # or if you create your own do not get the link from the menu-Menu header Blog not accessed or link error not found .

    Add also footer menu related to Google policy including About menu, Contact, Disclaim, Privacy Policy, and Term of Service. To create these menus you can access Tutorial how to create Footer Menu and do not forget as admin tells at points No header menu Until there is an empty link or error is not found and is not accessible.

    Create an original blog post result of your own creactivity , with your own language and set of words do not copy and paste from other articles or blog posts. It is to avoid rejections from the AdSense Team with the copy content rejection notification. If you're confused about making a post, you can choose someone else's blog post and write it back in your own words. Including in this case do not copy the image from someone else's blog (Google searching results).

    Do a health check and Score SEO Blog Whether it is SEO Fiendly, you can do some checking through the following sites:

    Check Mobile Friendly Test (Enlarge image to see link)

    Check Page Speed Insight   (enlarge image to see link)

    Check SEO Secore   (enlarge image to see link)

    The results of the test Blog in-Wepo above in the position already installed AdSense review code so affected by the code Javacript consequently Blog In-Wepo not full falid amp and speed and SEO score decreases, if not in the state of the installed review code Speed Level Load Speed blog page and secore seo higher than the above check results. If later already Aproved code checking/review can be removed so that the speed load and SEO score back as before installed the review code.

    If the results of your blog Chek quality through some of the checker sites above shows good results or criteria signifying the health of your blog is good and this can certainly be a plus point in the eyes of the Google AdSense team when reviewing.

    If the contrary quality results check SEO Score and Mobile Friendly your Blog is not good, make improvements to the points that give the negative effect of your blog (add load and reduce the loading speed of the blog).

    Once all are ensured ready and pretty please start registering your blog to the AdSense ads Publisher program either using the new Account or using your existing AdSense Account via the Add new site menu.

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