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  • has the ability or skill to editing header menu and footer template is a must-have and learned by you who are learning to build a blog. Because, certainly, all-new template features that you have installed on the blog you are managing have header and footer menus that are not yet appropriate to your blog needs. It is also necessary to   the setting of the   link (embedding link) on each menu of the footer header in order to allow the page from the navigation menu to be accessed by the user, not cause navigation errors such as pages not found   or More commonly known as Error 404.

    Here's an admin of how to edit the menu and link header of the blog footer on 2 pieces of templates with different code structures. Note that not all templates are the same as their code structure, but generally the average is similar or not much different.

    The first example is to edit the header menu and footer of the AMP template that this blog in-Wepo uses. Note the menu labels in the home view include Android, Blogger, Computer, Printer, MedSos and education, the header navigation menus can be renamed to the needs, minus or plus customize post labels The Edit HTML Template menu.

    Open the Edit HTML Template page, then to make it easy to search the location of the header's navigation menu code, use the search feature by pressing the keyboard key combination CTRL + F then enter the search keyword can be retrieved from one of the names The menu ends with the Enter.


    Once the location code navigation Menu Header is found, change the label link and the name of the menu label according to your needs, if you want to be reduced than just delete the Header menu code that you want to eliminate for example to remove the label MedSos code means the code Should be removed is

      <li><a href='/search/label/MedSos' itemprop='url' title='MedSos'>MedSos</a></li>

    And vice versa if you want to add a menu label, Copi code One of the code label is there for example label code education

      <li><a href='/search/label/Pendidikan' itemprop='url' title='Pendidikan'>Pendidikan</a></li>

    Copy and paspress below it and change the link URL and Menu Label name

    For URL links do not need to be written as a whole, can be cropped for a shorter example such as this the complete Andorid Label link is


    can be written and abbreviated to be like this


    You can type the URL of the link manually based on the previously created Label, note Note the use of uppercase and lowercase as well as spaces. Can also access the blog page and then in one of the label menu right Klick Copy Link Adres then pasted the link in the placement area of the link based on the label, as the explanation above can be left complete or abbreviated links.

    For the type of code arrangement of the header and footer menus such as this first example, there are usually two versions first for the Header menu footer that the desktop user's browser displayed and the Header menu footer for Android Mobile users. So find both versions of the code and the home according to your needs.

    The second example is a stand like Tribune news, Non-AMP, where there are several menu labels, the latest news, science, religious sciences and so on. And in the Footer menu which is usually the navigation menu About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, et al in this template use editorial labels, guidelines, buy ads, Template Info.

    Exactly the same way as the first example is through the HTML Template Edit menu and for easy searching use one of the label names that are in the header or footer menu to be changed.

    Looks widget and the header menu links are not displayed as a whole, click the three horizontal dots, klick that point to display the whole text widget code.

    Please change the name of the label and the link or minus, or plus the label Head layer menu according to the needs. The code text-0 is the name code of the first menu label and for link-0 code is the link code of the first label.

    For the footer menu is also the same way, grab one of the label names and use it as a search keyword layout code, then after found edit, as needed.

    Once the Header and Footer menu labels have been edited as needed to apply the Save Theme button and see the result by loading the blog home page or one of your blog posts.

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