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  • One of the ways or forms of business to increase earnings from Google AdSense is to create additional new blogs that are later also registered as AdSense advertising publishers. Like the Admin on this tutorial register, In-Wepo Blog which is a new blog admin made one day ago and today coincides with the anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia blog in-Wepo upgrade using the. com domain from DomaiNesia at once Admins register/Add to the list of   sites on the Google AdSense account.

    For those of you who already have an AdSense Account and only have one blog that approved it does not hurt to create a new blog with a different nice then registered to Google AdSense. Who knows in this way your AdSense revenue will increase.

    After you create a new blog and have prepared everything that is the condition of registering a blog to AdSense please open your Google AdSense Dashboard Account and then select the Site menu and then select the Submenu summary. On the page Overview menu, ADD SITE

    Then in the Add New Site dialog window enter the URL of your blog with http://NamaBlogAnda format without the prefix www. or https://then click NEXT Menu

    Please copy the tracking code then place it under the code < HEAD > on the EDIT HTML Template menu as shown in the image below:

    After you add Klick save theme then go back to the Registration tab of Google AdSense and Klick the SUBMIT menu. It will appear a window setting up your site to show ads

    If your blog uses a NonAMP template then select the AUTO ADS tab and if your blog uses an AMP template then select the AUTO ADS tab FOR AMP.

    Copy the Auto AD Code Step 2 then place it under the code < HEAD > on the HTML Template editing page.

    Copy the Autoamtis AD code Step 3 then place it under the code < BODY > that is under the code </head >

    Klick Save Theme to apply, and please return to the Site menu on the dashboard of your Google AdSense account, see now your new blog site has been successfully added just wait for the review process   usually between 2-3 days ahead or longest usually one week.

    You will get a notification of Google AdSense Team review results by email. If your blog   does not qualify and the Google AdSense policy will be notified of the rejection reason that you have to fix then resubmit. And if your blog site is indeed worthy and fulfills all the criteria of terms and conditions and the AdSense Team policy there will be a notification of your site now ready to show ads and make money.

    For those of you who do not already have a Google AdSense Account and the first time you want to register your beloved blog become a Google AdSense advertising Publisher can follow Tutorial how to register a Blog to a beginner AdSense advertising Publisher Program

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