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  • Creating a post in Compose mode is a majority that a seasoned blogger and a beginner are doing. But do you know if you make a post in compose mode is actually less precise? The Admin himself just realized this a few months ago after blogging from 2014. So starting from the year 2014 until 2019 this whole post that had admin publish through several blogs all admins write through Compose mode and more tragically again almost half the result of copy-paste from a Microsoft Word file. It does not use any special method directly CTRL + V.

    The question is arguably lacking fitting? What is wrong and where is the mistake?

    Writing a post with Compose mode will automatically generate CSS code that you can see in the HTML mode after you've previously typed it with Compose methods such as Style, separator, text-align: justify, and CSS codes of setting results Text type as the font color code and the typeface. More or less looks like the following:

    And it turns out that these codes can give a negative effect that adds loads load post page when accessed, more posts with compose writing method with the aforementioned CSS code above, the heavier the loading Your blog. Not to mention if coupled with the images of attachments inserted in the post as supporting material in the add in the Compose mode will automatically form the CSS codes as the following figure:

    If you do not believe please you chek the load speed of your blog through websites speed checking websites such as page speed insight and GT-Metrix. The result is that the value of Page Speed Score and Yslow Score will be bad meaning your blog is not fast loading. Surely this will affect the ranking of your blog in search engines because Google is more likely to be a fast loading blog to display on the page one user search.

    How do after reading the above explanation you feel interested in changing the post writing method that you have done? If yes please follow the post-writing explanation with the following Tag P:

    First of all when you want to create a new post then just create a new post entry, then select the method writing HTML Tab

    Please type your post Caption series explanation, then to split between paragraphs please use enter first

    Insert the image you want to slip as the explanatory of one of the paragraphs, in the creation of an HTML mode post when you add an image then that appears only the code and links from the image, while the preview of the image itself is not visible. Here is one of the differences in the creation of posts using HTML and Compose methods. If in compose mode, the image you add will appear.

    The difference is that when you try to switch to the Compose tab, the post you create will appear without any spaces between the paragrap, as shown in the following image:

    You do not need to see the results of the post in Compos mode, if you have decided to create a post in the HTML method and use this tag differently if you select type in the Compose method by using the   tag < br/> because if You do then all the tags < p > and < P/> will be changed to the code < BR/>

    Once you have finished typing the entire description of the post title following the supporting image the next step is to add the tag < p > at the beginning of each word you want to make as a new paragraph and close it with the code < P/> As the following figure:

    You also need to change the previous inserted image code writing method, using a special way for the image to not load loads of posts and valid AMP in the AMP template for how please refer to < a href = "https://www.berbagitutorialonline.com/2019/07/tutorial-cara-menyelipkan-gambar.html" > Tutorial how to insert both AMP and Non AMP Blog post images for Fast Loading .

    After finished tagging < p > as a paragraph opener and < P/> tag as the paragraph cover and change the image smug method or code to the post you are setting the Enter setting menu to the right, provide the label accordingly With the title of the post, set the link link automatically or if you feel less precise link you can use the Special permanent link (add link manually). Also, don't forget to provide a search description that represents the essence of the post content. This description will appear below the title of the post on Google's Pecnarian results by the user.

    The last step of publishing your New post entry, do not forget to submit the URL of the post that has been created to Google Search Console in the Inspection menu in order for your post to be indexed quickly.

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