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  • Problem forgot the pattern or pin screen on Android mobile phone users This time overwrite the user mobile Android brand Oppo type A37FW. To handle the case of forgetting the pattern on the Oppo A37 both the A37F series and the A37FW series is very easy by using the help of software RBSoft Mobile Tool and the EEMC prog firehose file of Oppo A37.

    Please download it first application RBSoft Mobile Tool through Link ByPass FRP that is in the Footer menu blog share this Online Tutorial. Then please download also eemc Prog file of Oppo A37 via link post How to easily ByPass the pattern and FRP Oppo A37 the Already admin previously published.

    Once everything is ready, connect the Oppo A37 with a computer with a USB cable while simultaneously pressing both the Volume Up and Down keys. Then automatically Oppo A37 will be connected in Qualcomm's EDL mode as shown in the following screenshot:

    Connect Windows with Internet network, open RBSoft application then login with username and password contained in Notepad file. Checklist Manual Loader then Klick Brows to insert the EEMC files prog the A37 Oppo firehose

    Klick Userdata Format to start to launch Oppo A37 screen Pin, the bypass process will take a few seconds or minutes then a notification on RebSoft Rebooting Device OK. Oppo A37 will turn on itself and go into Wipe Cache mode.

    Perform a new device setup process after the Format User Data

    Usually when it gets to the Google account verification phase, Oppo A37 will be locked FRP Google Account, log in using a Google account once Disyncronkan if not remember the next step is to bypass FRP Google Account.

    Turn off Oppo A37 then reconnect in QualComm's EDL mode as before.

    If previously to Membypass screen Pin We choose Choose Menu Format All User Data Now choose the menu Reset FRP to resolve Locked Google Account.

    After the FRP reset process using RBSoft runs fine and finished then Oppo A37 will enter the charger mode, unplug the USB cable then try turning on.

    Problem Locked FRP Google Account can be easily solved, now Oppo A37 can be reused without any Locked Pinscreen.


    To solve problem locked or recorded pattern or Pin screen as well as locked FRP Google Account on Oppo phones A37 both A37F series and A37FW can be easily solved using the help of Sofware RBSoft Mobile Tools and EEMC prog firehose files That can be taken from file Firmware Flash Oppo A37.

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