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  • How can I get around the Blog with the TLD domain that has just been installed in the Notification browser link Not Secure means that our blog link is not secure can be simulated spam or viruses that are loaded when the user opens our blog, or may be Blog links labeled not Secure are compromised and misused by irresponsible parties.

    At this time almost all websites already migrate to HTTPS links, due to security reasons. For friend bloggers who may blog is still labeled "http://" I recommend to immediately migrate to "https " Because this is an issue such as the results of the SEO checks blog Lintastugasekolah. Online as below screenshot affect the value of SEO blog score.

    Here's an example of Lintastugassekolah blog link. Online that was still labeled HTTP not secure

    To resolve it please switch the Blog link to https by going to the menu of the blogger dashboard, select the Settings menu, then select the Basic Sub menu, in the Right Sub menu dialog Select Availability HTTPS

    Visible availability of HTTPS is not enabled, please click and select Yes for the availability request

    Then the look will be like the image below appears notification "HTTPS availability is being processed, check again later. Until here we have managed to request HTTPS availability but HTTPS link can not be activated, to prove it please klick see Blog then blog Sobas definitely can not be accessed.

    Don't panic, this is due   the provision of HTTPS is in progress, marked by HTTPS redirection is still labeled "no " Please wait 1-3 minutes then reload the Browser tab. If the HTTPS redirect Menu is already active, the sign is ready to be applied.

    Click the HTTPS redirect Menu, then select Yes

    Congratulations mate Blogger already managed to install or apply the link HTTPS Blog, to prove it please click on view Blog and Tara.... Result as Below

    That's a quick Tutorial on how to solve the blog not secure URL links by enabling HTTPS redirect links, hopefully useful and see you in a later Tutorial.

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