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  • Is it really loading blogs affecting your CPC and Adsense CTR? Maybe that's the question that is in the minds of some bloggers who become AdSense publishers. As a response let's play logic and suppose about the loading relationship of the blog with Adsense.

    As a Blogger who is trying to get lucky by becoming an Adsense publisher, of course very crave for a big income. Unfortunately, after much effort is made according to the instructions, earnings from Adsense remain small.

    The more confused it is when seeing another person's capture of Adsense earnings intentionally exhibited.

    So they can get a big income, while I just have it this way?

    Relax, don't be affected by the screenshots. We can't figure out what exactly is behind that screenshot. It can be true that it is or may not be true by being manipulated and for whatever purpose it is done.

    Most importantly, we have to stay focused on building our blog with the best possible. If we already feel a lot of things done but Adsense earnings remain small, meaning there's still something else we haven't done yet, or there's something wrong with what we've done.

    There are a lot of things that affect the big little Adsense earnings, and there are different ways to earn great Adsense income either in Whitehat or Blackhat.

    Many people are burning capital as with FB Ads or by using AGK techniques to earn great Adsense earnings. It is true, in such a way that it can get great results, but the risks are great too.

    For Tutorial, I do not need to explain here because I do not recommend, but obviously, it is very risky as one of them is an Adsense account can be banned.

    For that, keep blogging on the right track and keep learning to get the best technique and evaluate it for the things we have done.

    One of the things we can do to get a great Adsense income is by improving the performance of our blog.

    Then the question is, does loading blog could affect CPC and Adsense CTR?

    The answer, directly loading the blog can not raise the value of CPC or CTR. Blog loading speed or page load speed does not affect CPC or CTR values.

    We need to understand, page loading speeds only affect users or blog visitors and blog rankings in the SERPs, so it's not directly related to Adsense.

    But the logic is so, if our blog is very lightweight and very accessible, then the blog ranking will be better on the search page. The possibilities of our articles will be more and more on the first page of user search. Besides, our blog will be loved by visitors because it is easily accessible, the way they will visit again in time because they are pleased with the content that we have shared.

    With that, the traffic to our blog will likely be increasing which automatically the ad impression value will increase as well, and the chances of ad clicks will increase as well. Therefore, the value of CPC or CTR will also increase.

    So based on the above description, loading the blog indirectly can affect your CPC or Adsense CTR.

    But what should keep in mind is the main factor of content. Loading a fast blog will have no effect if the content we make random is not quality in vain to copy other people's content.

    So create a blog with page loading as light as possible and make good content and as interesting as possible. Write good and correct post formatting, pay attention to the punctuation marks and the small letters. Look in save keywords and combine them with posts so that the writing is still good to read.

    Make as many posts as more and more posts, the more and more varied our blog keywords to compete in the search page.

    And the most important thing is to create content with targeted keywords if you want high ad CPC because CPC is heavily influenced by the type of ad that appears on the blog page.

    The Blog will be optimal and can be seen in its development after 3 months with more than 100 posts. With that, search engines are already collecting enough data from our blog to rank on the search page.

    Translated in English, original content in Indonesian language by: Adhy Suryadi KompiAjaib.com: Benarkah Loading Blog Mempengaruhi CPC Dan CTR Adsense?

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