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  • Linking the Blog site to AdSense after registering and creating an AdSense account through Google AdSense Start is required to enable some important points on the Adsense homepage in order to show ads on the Blog site later and Start getting payment Klick ads.

    Connect the Blog site by   Enter your payment address details and verify your phone number. Enter your full name exactly as it appears on the information about your identity card or your bank account. Enter the full postal address associated with your bank account, including the postal code that will be used as the address of the address verification PIN code. After you finish filling in your payment address details and verifying your phone number, click Done or send.

    The next step is to wait for the AdSense Team to review and   check the Blog site's compliance with the AdSense Program policies and send you an email when your account is fully activated. This process usually takes less than a day, but can take longer up to 2 weeks.

    Tips for faster account activation and Blog site approved,     your Blog site should be easily accessible and contain enough content sufficient to be evaluated by the AdSense Team. If your site is still in the build stage, don't forget to complete the accessible navigation menu.

    Make sure you provide the correct URL on each navigation menu such as header and footer menus.

    To link your blog site copy the code exactly as it appears on the AdSense homepage.   Paste or place the code in the HTML Edit code area below the < head > code and then click Save Theme.

    While awaiting news of status received or reject an application for the speed of the AdSense Account, it is recommended to improve the quality of the Blog site in the eyes of the AdSense Team Admin to update the content of original posts every day instead of Copas content or Content rewriting of other people's posts.

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