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  • This week is often a company ad appears Webmaster Tool   DIIB and can be said to be Booming. The problem is that every time the Admin surfing on the Facebook page always appeared DIIB promotional ads, likewise on computer browsers often appear ads from Google that promote DIIB with the slogan GROW YOUR WEBSITE WITH DIIB™ IN 2019 .

    What is DIIB? And who is actually DIIB?

    Diib™ is One of the company's website development services provider as a provider of website SEO services. Analyzing the health level of the area of website through inspected template data and traffic the area of the website by accessing data from Google Analytics then displays the results of analysis into the accurate data about the health level As well as SEO the breadth of websites looks like its functionality and is almost the same as the website SEO Checker tool online as Seositecheckup, app.neilpatel.com, SeOptimer, SeoReviewTools and other SEO Checker websites based on free and Premium accounts. The following is an example of the results of the Health Analysis blog in-Wepo according to Diib:

    In addition, DIIB also provides Affiliate program for a member or DIIB member to promote DIIB and invite other website owners to join become DIIB Premium member. Offers a   commission of 25% based on the subscription price for the account lifetime. For example, if a new member registers for the PRO $29.99 package through your affiliate link, you will earn $7.50 for each month paid by the member and this lasts as long as the member is still a member or member of DIIB.

    For those of you who feel interested to take part in promoting DIIB by joining become a member of Affiliate DIIB can go through the following link: JOIN NOW WITH DIIB

    Once you have accessed the link above you will be directed to the registration page of member affiliate DIIB. In the initial registration form enter your name, Email, and password then checklist the requisite terms and the DIIB then click on the Sign Up Now button

    After that you will receive an email message confirming registration as following screenshots:

    Confirm via the link provided to continue registration. You will then be required to fill in data such as address, MOBILE number, name of your Website or Blog, Blog URL and other supporting data. Just follow the registration flow and fill in the data registration form as required by Team DIIB to finish.

    After completion of registration you will be directed to the dedicated website of the DIIB affiliations. Like the pageview of other advertising affiliations, there will be a view of the performance report, settings Account, payment settings, the Ad Banner Group page along with the ad Banner code.

    Available a wide variety of banner ad sizes, please selected banner advertising according to the location of the placement on your website or blog.

    For the installation of Banner ads for users of Non-AMP templates can go through the Layout menu on the blogger dashboard and for users, the AMP Banner installation template ads can not be directly due to cause invalid amp on the blog page Later.

    For that is required a special method or a special installation way the Banner of Affiliate advertising using the source code to install Banner Valid AD banners that you can go through the following page: Tutorial How to set up a Valid Affiliate ad Banner AMP


    Diib Affiliate is one of the choices of new advertising providers that are developing in the year 2019 with an attractive commission offer of 25% based on the subscription price for the lifetime of the account member Diib.

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