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  • To complete the process of activating the speed of your application account and review of the Blog site by AdSense Team, you must connect the site to AdSense. Here's how to link a blog site to AdSense:

    Sign in to your AdSense account, then on the AdSense dashboard copy the code on the AdSense homepage Paste the Account Activation code and the BLog site review code on the HTML area of your blog template, between the < head > tags and the </head >.

    After your review ad code pastes it, click Save Theme to apply. Then on the dashboard an AdSense Account registration Checklist I have pasted the code into my site then Klick did

    Next step is to wait for the AdSense Team decision, you will get a notification notification received or whether your application is.

    If your Blog site meets the terms and conditions and Google AdSense policies then you will receive a message that your account is approved and your Blog site is ready to show ads. But instead Apbaila your Blog site has not fulfilled or violated the terms and conditions and Google AdSense policies then you will receive notification that your status is rejected and need corrective action for violations On your blog site. Fix what an obstacle does not accept your application then resubmit the application by stating that you have corrected the AdSense policy violation.

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