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  • According to the results of the research of Indonesian professional bloggers Adhy Suryadi Website owners, kompiajaib.com There are 2 things that cause restrictions on the delivery of Adsense ads, namely the first is the blog traffic we are being assessed and the second is happening because of Invalid traffic.

    If the reason for its ad serving restriction is that Traffik is being assessed, it means the problem of our blog traffic is so small that it's likely that there's no impression until there's no clock on its ad.

    In other words, it can be called a blog is being reviewed again. To overcome this, of course, we have to raise blog traffic for example by updating blog post posts, multiply blog posts.

    So later on in itself, blog traffic will increase. But to keep in mind, Google-rated traffic is unique visitor traffic, so get more traffic sourced from search engines.

    This is what Google intended and other bloggers are do not hurry to register a blog to Adsense. It is best to build blocks first so the blog has good traffic, after which the new blog is registered to Adsense.

    And the second reason for the suspension or limitation of ad impressions on a blog is due to invalid traffic.

    Invalid traffic can come from the use of tricks that can trap visitors, such as using floating and the like.

    The solution for this is, of course, not to use tricks to trap visitors or check their ad placements that might be causing a wrong click.

    If we're confused about ad placements, it's a good idea to try using Auto Ads only, so let Adsense determine the placement of its ads.

    From this limitation of serving Adsense ads, the account remains fully accessible as usual. So it's best to quickly fix this problem to avoid greater risk.

    Translated in English, original content in Indonesian language by: Adhy Suryadi KompiAjaib.com: Tentang Pembatasan Penayangan Iklan Adsense Di Blog

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