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  • I will share the Tutorial how to add a button Witget WhatsApp Chat on Blog. Obviously with the presence of the WhatsApp Chat button will make our Blog look stylish and facilitate the user to interact with my Blog.

    Straight away let's start the step by Stepnya:  

    Please buddy bloggers visit the site Whatshelp.io/witget, on the page Dasboard Home klick the button Get Your Button

    Please select Media social wiget, by default Wiget Chat Mesenger has been active if you want to choose WhatsApp live Klick icon WhatsApp

    If you do not want to install Witget Messenger Please close and if you want to install both let alone or may want to install other social media choose to do not forget to enter the MOBILE number registered WhatsApp starting with the country code + 628xxxxxxxxxx

    Specify the location of Witget WhatsApp on the left or right side of the Blog page

    Select Display, in this case I recommend Everywhere

    Please fill the email address of blogger Buddy then klict Get Button Code

    Witget code successfully created, please Copy the one we will then paste in the HTML code Blog Theme

    Open Blogger, go to the Theme menu then select Edit HTML

    According to the procedure of code placement we are instructed to put WhatsApp witget code in </body>, to facilitate location search please tap the key CTR + F button Then in the Search field type </body> then press Enter

    Paste the code of Witget WhatsApp that we have copied above </body>

    Last step Klick Save Theme button and see the result

    It's easy for a free blogger buddy again, if you want the Complit filture please select a paid mode on the registration process.  

    Tutorial how to install Widget Chat WhatsApp on Blogger, thank you for listening to finish and see you in the next Tutorial.

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