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  • For beginner bloggers The installation process of Widget Subscribe feature or Email post subscriptions for blog visitors is not easy, especially in case of replacing the Feds Burner ID so that when the Email subscription is filled directly with visitors Directed to the subscription via email according to the blog owner's account. If you do not replace the FeedBurner ID name automatically active, a blog subscribe belongs to the template creator or a widget. So for those of you who added Widget subscriptions via email or have just changed the new template and there is a feature subscription via email should apply this method to replace the FeedBurner ID so that when visitors want to subscribe via email directly redirected To your own Feedburner Account.

    First step Create a FedBurber account, you can create it by directly performing the registration process on the website FeedBurner.Google.com.

    After that open Meni EDIT HTML on the Dasboard Blogger located in the theme menu. Use the search feature by pressing the CTRL + F key Enter the keyword feedburner.google.com or feedburner only, the result and location where you replaced the ID FedBurner as shown in the image below:

    The location of the ID you should replace is marked with a red box with an arrow, replace the ID Fedburner according to your account ID. To get the ID please go to the FeedBurner website page.

    Example here Admin will enable subscription feature via email blog share Tutorial, select the name of your blog, then it will appear a page as shown below, select Edit Feed Details.

    Copy ID Feed Burner is like in the image below which Admin give the column a red box sign.

    Then return to the Dasboard Edit HTMl theme, replace/replace the default source code of the Widget with your ID code then click Save Theme.

    Open one of your blog posts then on the menu Widget Subcribe subscription post Via Email Enter the Email address as test, then Klick Subribe.

    If the application is correct then you will be redirected to the new Browser tab page subscription via email, the checklist I'm not a robot then Klick Complete Subscription Request.

    Process Test Widget Subscribe widget via email success, but if it appears error notification image as below means you need to allow Subscribe permission.

    Log in to the dashboard of your FeedBurner Account then select one of your Blog and select the Tab Publicize Menu.

    Klick Active to start the setting of the activation.

    Do the settings like in the image below, do not forget to the Checklist Send me whenever people unsubscribe.

    Klick Save to apply settings and Joba test the Widget feature Subscribe to post subscriptions Via Email again. If the procedure is correct then automatically subscribe service via email can function as expected.

    Add Widget feature Subscribe or Blog post content subscription Via Email is one way to increase blog visitor traffic by bringing back old visitors to just read update the latest blog posts. The more visitors who subscribe or content subscriptions via email, the more likely it is that the traffic of the blog visitors from time to time.

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