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  • In this post-Admin will take up how to change or custom blog theme. As we know the default Blogspot blog theme in terms of the display is less attractive, so we need to modify it by replacing the default theme with a custom theme that is widely shared in a more genetically, paid/premium also exists.

    Friend Blogger just chooses, if have enough funds and do not want to take the headache Admin to recommend to buy Premium Theme. But if you want that free can also live download search Google much with a free blog Theme, of course, the Filturenya not worth the premium theme paid so we need to custom a free theme in order to get the look Interesting and certainly SEO Friendly.

    As for the steps change the blog theme as follows:

    First of all login on Blogger, after we get in page Blog we look for theme menu, then right corner select menu Backup/restore

    After we click on the menu Backup/restore it will appear a new look like the following, please select the menu Choose File

    Appears a new dialogue display, find and select the Blog Theme that was already buddy blog Download in this tutorial admin to not hard to look for the theme that was downloaded we put in desktop, then Klick Open

    After we select the theme file, then we will go back to the previous page, on this page we have successfully selected and entered the theme file marked with the next menu Choose File already contained the file name of the blog theme that we will apply.

    If you feel confident with the theme that will be applied, please Klick Upload , until here we have successfully uploaded and changed the previous blog theme. Then the zoom will automatically adjust as the following screenshot:

    Until here we have successfully replaced the theme blog with our theme of choice, to see the results Select and Clik Menu at the top left corner See Blog .

    In addition to the above way of replacing a blog template, it is able to directly paste the copied code from the template code into the template's collection code set on the Edit HTML menu.

    Open template file using NotePad application, then copy the whole code by pressing the Ctrl + A keys then Ctrl + C or can also with the difficulty block code in the right Klick Note Select Copy

    Open the Blogger template's dashboard, select the View menu, select the Edit HTML menu

    Select All entire HTML code composer template, press the keyboard key Ctrl + V

    To apply the Klick save theme

    Note: Before deciding to replace your current blog template with a new template don't forget to backup the entire HTML code of the Template composer. You can save the back fusion of HTML template code in the Notepad app. This is done just in case you have an error, you can restore the appearance of the blog as before easily using the template code that was previously backed up.


    Changing the theme or blog template built Blogspot is a natural thing done by the blog owners who want to change the look of the blog to be more beautiful and attractive and fast loading with a modified result template itself or a premium template that From a template creation service provider.

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