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  • When finished creating a post and publish it and not forgetting to submit the URL of the post that was just published in Webmaster Tools both the Google Webmaster Tool, Bing Webmaster Tool and Yandex Webmaster tool as well as share to the media Social. It can be ensured all certainly expect posts that have been made and published appear in the search results of users of Google, Yandex and Bing or in other words indexed in the database search engine and can compete with the content of other bloggers with nice And the same discussion theme.

    Many also are full of hope post-entry page one user search results, because it is only a post that came in the 10 big pages that have a great opportunity to get a lot of visitors automatically more income visitors Advertising is also increasing.

    Then how do I check the post that was just created and published a few hours ago already indexed by Perincari machine or not, whether it can be found by users who need it? or is still in the process of undoing or being improved by search engines due to the error of the code structure on the post, so the post is considered invalid and eventually failed to index the search engine?

    To make sure it is not enough simply to do Chek number of visitors or visitor through the blogger Post page only because it could be that the traffic only comes from page tracking traffic alone or a handful of people who read Posts via promotional content via social media.

    There are 3 ways to Chek the index status of new posts that have been published, and this is the easiest one to implement.

    The first way can go through checking the index status in the Google Webmaster Tool where we submit the previous URL so that the post is faster indexed by inserting the post link into the URL dialog of the element and then press ENTER on Keyboard

    If a post is already shown in the page, a notification appears that the URL is on Google, the URL can appear in Google search results.   But if it appears that the URL is problematic and excluded then you need to fix the error The postcode tree error then re-request the indexing.

    Sometimes even though we've diligently submitted the post URL is completed every time it was created and published the result the URL of the post has not been indexed, usually the feature of unindexed Post is the number of the visitor is not incremented and Only the street where it had been days or months ago. Therefore, it is necessary to re-check the index status on posts that do not experience adding the number of visitors.

    The second way is to copy the title of the post as a whole then press on the Peselusuran bar. Press the Enter keyboard key to start checking your search results by post title.

    If the post is indexed it will automatically appear on the page one search, whether it is the first, second, third and so on. But it needs to be understood to appear on page one with the exact same keyword or keyword title that does not mean your post   dominate the entry page of the page one overall.

    The Third way is to copy the link URL of the post and then repress the URL in the Adress bar and add the word "site: " to the beginning of the Post's URL by separated by one space between the word site: and the post URL then press Enter to start checking.

    This fourth is the way to check and see if the posts that have been created and published are indexed and able to compete with other blogger post content with nice and the same discussion theme by using another browser That never logged in the Blogger Account that is being managed and or logged in another Google account that does not exist with the blog being managed. Can also use a computer, laptop or Android phone that we do not use to manage the blog.

    Enter keywords or keyword search that some words represent the title of the post that we have created, try the key is not too long and not impressed too similar to the title of the post that would like to be checked in another word keyword does not lead to the title of the post itself. Like the following example, admins try to chek a post that has admin created and published about 5 hours ago by using keyword search ENABLE MENU DESCRIPTION SEARCH BLOG while post title is Tutorial How to enable the search description Menu on Blogger post entry

    The result of not using the keyword is exactly the same as the title used then the Admin post does not appear on page One pages and after the search Admin turns on the page to 3 search results. One search page displays 10 post titles from different sources, which means that the admin post is in the order to 23 out of the number of 30 posts that the 3 search page has been displaying.

    It is reasonable and includes the posts that have Admin made it quite qualified and have the opportunity to compete sit in the position of Page One because it was just published 5 hours ago has successfully competed with the post-Other bloggers who made a few months and even years ago.

    If later visitors from the Admin post incremented more gradually more than the number of other blog post visitors in front of it then can shift another blog post alias up the level, and vice versa if it turns In the future visitors from the admin post lose with the posts in order under Admin then the longer will run backward can just enter the search page to 4, 5, 6 and so on until it sinks.  

    This is a brief and easy way to check the newly created and published posts whether they are indexed and appear in Google search results or other search engines like Yahoo and Yandex. For the Indonesian state, area can be ensured 90% of users use the Google search engine.

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