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  • The theme is one of the very important blog components, besides as a face organizer view from our blog so that it looks beautiful and impressed nearly as well as modern, the theme also has a big effect on the SEO of a blog. With a lightweight and valid Theme, AMP Mobile will give our Blog a great opportunity to be easily indexed by Google and have a great opportunity to appear on the front page of Google search traffic will flow and increase by itself.

    For those bloggers who are thick, will certainly choose a premium theme that is paid, but for bloggers who are fit and still beginners theme, Geratisan is one of the first choices.

    Okay, buddy blogger Let's start how to choose and install at the same time to test a free blog theme that we already downloaded. Which is roughly the superior of some of the themes already set up?

    First of all login in Blogger, we will be taken to the menu of the Blogger dashboard, select the Theme menu on the upper right side of the page, select the Backup/Restore menu.

    The new Backup/Restore Theme dialog will appear, select Choose File Menu

    Then we will be taken to the Theme menu selection dialog, look where the theme buddy blogger who has been downloaded if already met select and click Open.

    Until here we have successfully uploaded the theme, to resume it klick Upload

    The new Upload theme is complete, automatically the display of the Dekstop and Mobile settings will change as the following figure:

    To view the results of the Click View Blog, it will open a new browser tab that displays the theme view that we uploaded.

    Finally, we come to the core point of this post is how to do the test, until the quality of the SEO theme that we have selected and uploaded. To do test please klick three dots at the top right corner of the browser will appear Scroll Tuesday, menu dialog to the bottom select the menu More Tools then select Developer Tools Menu

    Will display a new dialog as below screenshot shown, please selected Audits Menu, then select the audit based on which Buddy bloggers want. For example, because at this time many blog visitors come from Android then we select Mobile.

    After selecting the desired Audit, Scroll Tuesday, downwards and test the audit by clicking on the Run menu Audits

    Wait for a few minutes until the audit process finishes

    Now that the audit process is complete, we will see the audit result based on 5 points as the following figure. If the percentage amount of large and blue color dominates from the yellow color it means the theme quality is said to be good and SEO Friendly surely.

    Now we try another test theme, the steps are similar to the above, enter the blog theme menu, select Theme, upload, then go through audit test. In this tutorial Admin will give three times the test on 3 different themes following the results audits test theme free to two:

    The second result of the test theme shows that the second theme is superior to the first theme of which there is an increase in the Performance point.

    Next, we upload the third theme and let's do a test audit, the result as below is the Theme of the third choice is again superior to the theme of the first and second choice, with a bigger percentage and a green color dominates.

    For more details see the third combined image of Audit test results below:

    From the combined three Audit results above can be concluded that the Theme VioMAGZ is a free theme that is quite SEO Friendly, and worthy and must be chosen.

    After we get a free blog theme that Mantab Soul enchanting, the next step is to do an SEO test by visiting sites SEO Online Checker such as website SEO site Checkup that is regular admin use.

    Enter the blog address, and then press Enter, wait when it comes to the Check process complete as in the following image:

    Now we can see the results Check, the theme we have chosen turns out to have an SEO score of 79 and there are 8 important item points to fix as well as 1 small problem

    For details please Scroll Tuesday, down, for example, the first point to be fixed is that the Blog does not have a Meta description, please read the explanation about the problem than to fix it please follow the instruction "How To Fix It"

    Quite, so Tutorial on how to choose a free Blog Theme that is SEO Friendly, not always a theme that Geratisan is ugly quality. As long as we want to learn to find flaws and improve the lack of free themes then the theme that was previously Geratisan the quality will not lose with a paid premium theme. See you in the next Tutorial.

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