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  • In the previous tutorial, Admin has to take up how to create a blog on blogger website, for the next Admin will share the tutorial on how to make a blog post.

    Just jump first log in to Blogger, on the page Dashboard Blog as below screenshot shown, we select Post menu, on the right side there will be new entry menu click New Entry menu to create a blog post.

    Next, we will be taken to the post Creation form page, fill in the post title we will create. Try out the title of the post-loading the core of the content of the post we are creating and another for a short, full-meaning solid post title.

    After determining the title of the post, the next step is to write what we will share, write in words that are good and correct according to Indonesian spelling, do not overuse the words of slang in everyday life.

    Once we have finished writing the contents of the post, next on the right menu "Entry Settings" click on the Label Menu. A label is a type or a copy of a post such as this when we create a paper post in the Label menu we can fill with "paper" or "school assignment" or "education " or any other label. Create the right label that represents the content of the created post and doesn't use the word too long in creating labels.

    After we define the label from the post, then select Permanent link Menu. A permanent link is the address link of the post will be automatically filled by itself if we think the links are less complete then select the menu Permanent link. Edit link-link using punctuation "-" to separate between words. Once again the link is not too long enough to create a short, solid, and precise link.

    Once we've all been pretty, the last step is to post what you've created by clicking the Publish menu. Until here we're done creating a post on our blog. And please see the results by clicking on the menu "View " on the dashboard the blog or also can directly we try to visit our blog address.

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