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  • Using the AMP version of the Blog Template is required to investigate techniques for managing blog templates and creating post content in compliance with AMP procedures so that future blogs and post-compliant content are valid. If you do not pay attention to this, the AMP Template will have no positive points Likewise otherwise, the negativity point will be available. Where you will often get an email message from the Google Team Console that your Website is problematic, and when you check your Blog status on Search Console will appear a list of errors or issues that need to be fixed. If such a condition is better you're not using the AMP Template, as obviously more and more AMP's error lists will make your Blog's reputation worse in the eyes of Google.

    To create a post on an AMP template is recommended for writing methods using HTML mode instead of Compose as in general. This is done to minimize the appearance of the code "Style " in your post. Because with more styling codes it will be a lot of time to load the whole post and the effect of the post will not be valid AMP. If you do not believe please prove you typed in compose mode then after finishing try switching to HTML mode before it is published. There will be a lot of code combinations containing the words "Style ", Span, Separator and "Justify ". And try to publish it right away, it sure your post will never be valid AMP.

    Specify the title of the post then write the caption in HTML mode, spacing one enter space between Paragraph.

    Enter the supporting image you want to insert in the post as a complement to the text explanation on each point that you want to include the image via the Add Image menu next to the Add Link menu. Once the upload is completed select the image you want to insert into the post.

    If the notification appears as above, just click OK. The result here is only Link-shaped image because it uses HTML mode. If you use the Compose mode, as usual, the image will appear, here is one of the differences.

    After that switch to Compose mode then the posts and images that have been created will appear to be unified with no spacing.

    The first step please do the image separation by placing the cursor at the beginning or end of each image and then pressing the Enter Keyboard key to giving space spacing between images.

    Give an explanation of image in compose mode for easier, because if using HTML mode with link-shaped image only sure you will feel trouble.

    After making the post the whole picture caption, please return to HTML mode. Important note Pengentikan Image caption can be in Compose mode but for other paragraphs, without images, you have to type it in HTML mode to avoid the appearance of Style code.

    To give space spacing on each text or picture Paragrap Please add the code < BR/> as shown in the following screenshot:

    One code <br/> is a separator between the first one with another paragraph or picture one with another image but it is not a space meaning stand alone not a unity, for space spacing use 2 code <br/> Consecutive. The result by giving 2x the code <br/> When you return to Compose mode it will appear spacing between paragraphs as in the following figure:

    The next step is to change the image Add method to valid AMP by using the following AMP image installation code:

     <div class="img-width-600 img-center">
     <amp-img src="---------------------"
          alt="an image"></amp-img>

    Description Code:

    Figure Width-600 is a large image size in the post view

    Digit Width 1000 is the size of the image

    Figure Height 600 is a high size image

    You can specify the display of LANDSCIP or Portrait images using the Width 1000 and height 600 code for this size you can also adjust to the size of the original image.

    While the width-600 code can be changed you will want to change how big it is when displayed in the post. If confused understand this explanation please personalized the number of times then see the result, you will understand the meaning.

    Put the AMP image installation code at the beginning of each image link, we will delete all of the following link code combinations and we will only grab the links.

    Like this, for example, put the AMP version of the image coding code above the combination code of the image

    Grab the link from the image then   put the link on the placement area of the link in the AMP version of the image code, then remove the combination code from the previous add image.

    Then when you try to return to Compose Preview mode the image will disappear, and there is only a partition or space spacing between the empty paragraphs. This is an effect of using image placement methods on AMP.

    valid posts

    Once you've finished writing an explanation and given an image as a description of the text description before publishing it don't forget to label it, setting the URL of the post, and providing a description of the post. Once all is complete, then you publish.

    Results in AMP's valid live posts without having to re-edit. If you write a post and compose mode will not be valid AMP and you have to re-edit it by removing all the code containing the word "Style " on the post in HTML mode.

    An image that was previously not featured in the compose mode has been modified using the Add AMP image code when published will appear perfectly in AMP.

    valid Image mode

    Creating an AMP valid post is actually easy if it knows the correct procedure in accordance with the AMP post creation conditions.

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