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  • Create logo Blog in various sizes used to complement the source Link Code Preview view blog logo to fit a wide range of devices or device is very easy by using the help of software converter image namely Total Image Converter.

    such as for example on creating or add the Manifest Json feature or better known as the WEB application Link Shortcut requires several unit logos in different sizes. If you use an image editing application such as Adobe Photoshop certainly work makes some logo units in various sizes this will be a bit troublesome, not to mention the size of the Save logo results usually has a considerable MB size.

    Unlike if we use Total Image Converter application, making the logo in various sizes is very easy and the result of convert logo is very small and lightweight. You just need to set up one master file of your blog logo then converted into various sizes according to your needs.

    Once you have finished creating a single master file logo Blog Whether it is an extension JPG or PNG, open the application Total Image Converter. Then locate the folder where you save the master file logo.

    Select and Check List Master file logos to be converted into multiple sizes

    Do not forget to change the file name or give file size mark in the file name to make it easier to select the logo file with required size.

    Klick Next to continue the next process, then select Resize Image to specified size and uncheck list constrain proportion.

    Enter the nominal Width and Height number according to the size of the logo to be created after that Start Klick. Then only in seconds, a logo file with a new shiz is completed.

    Klick Close and repeat the above steps to create a logo with the other size

    The result as the following figure appears there is a logo sharing the online tutorial with how many sizes are ready to use to beautify the look of the blog.

    One recommendation software that can be used to create a new file unit with size as desired and the file extension that also fit the needs is to use Total Image Converter.

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