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  • One type of code Error in an AMP template caused by an invalid page instead of a post is the emergence of a notification a tag on this page requires an AMP component script tag which is missing on the AMP Search Console Menu page and The notifications The amp-selector Tag   requires including the amp-selector extension JavaScript . This is due to the absence of an incorrect Ampproject selector code in its placement as the error appears as shown in the screenshot below:

    In this case, overrides the page ContactUs, SiteMap, and AboutUs that once a few days admins revert to the draft because it does not know how to resolve it.

    To deal with it is very easy, you just need to add an amp-selector code script in the Edit HTML template precisely on a set of JavaScript Ampproject code in the top area or move the code position   AMP-selector which is not correct Placement as in the amp template that admins use the following looks for the amp-selector code to be in the bottom row.

      <script async='async' custom-element='amp-selector' src='https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0/amp-selector-0.1.js'/>

    As described above that to solve it is just to move the code of the amp-selector JAVASCRITP in the top area, in this tutorial the admin put the code in line four.

    Klick save to apply, and try to access the previously invalid AMP page is now confirmed to be a full valid AMP.

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