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  • Recently users of bloggers after being faced with Google AdSense ads that blank does not display and restrictions on ad serving, arise type of problem in Google Search Console namely breadcrumbs markup issues. My self during managing a blog from the year 2014 New Times this get the problem of devolving content on Google search console in the form of breadcrumbs markup problems. After finding out through searching Google about the understanding and function breadcrumbs only understand what breadcrumbs along with its functions. For blogger friends when you want to know the definitions and functions and how to make breadcrumbs features read the previous post Tutorial how to create SEO Blogger Breadcrumbs navigation

    Error breadcrumbs markup that admin received through an email message sent by Google Search Console, and the following contents of the recommendation email to promptly fix the breadcrumbs markup issue as it would affect post content on Google search results by users.

    After admin check on Google Search Console dashboard appears new menu breadcrumbs that previously menu is never present on-page Google search Console, more details please note the following screenshot:

    There appear to be 9 content blog posts sharing online tutorials that have breadcrumbs problem, to ensure the cause of the Erorrnya can be with Klick problem report area that should be repaired and validated.

    For type error or breadcrumbs problem on some content blog post share online tutorial IE column "ID " does not exist.

    To make sure we can click on any of post content URLs that are experiencing breadcrumbs markup issues.

    Appears some code with a red block in the HTML area that is part of post Content viewer. After analyzing the cause of the error by making a Chek on the content of problematic post the admin did not find the cause of problem code and the intent of the error.

    Usually any posted content that is considered problematic by Google search Console and should be corrected when we try to validate directly without doing any action (corrective action) validation process will not work and appears List of content that is considered problematic. Then Admin tries to validate immediately without doing anything, if it is problematic then the validation process will fail.

    It turns out that the validation process is running normally and there are no problems with the content, it could be a result of using the previous template. Because it is admin about 2 months to use and switch to AMP version Premium template.

    Usually the process of validating fixes like this on Google search console takes a few days even up to a few weeks. If the validation process succeeds in the sense that the problem is successfully corrected we will get a notification message via email from Google search console. Likewise, otherwise, if validation process is considered failed then we will also get a message via email that contains a notification that validation failed and should be done the repair again before performing the validation a second time.

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