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  • Switching to the AMP version Template by previously using a Non AMP template would certainly pose a lot of trouble. The biggest issue for bloggers who decide to move or use an AMP template is that all posts that have been published will be indicative of problematic and invalid AMP. There will be a number of errors appearing in the Google Search Consule AMP points report as shown below:

    Inevitably and would like to dislike if you have already selected and decided to migrate to an AMP template you will need to fix all posts that have been published and otherwise problematic invalid AMP based on search engine searches Google.  

    On this post admins will share experiences how to resolve an AMP invalid post so that it becomes fully valid AMP. Surely this experience is invaluable because to change the old posts that have already been published to be valid AMP is not easy but it is also not difficult in fact if we know the method of creating a post to be valid AMP. What makes it hard is that we don't want to, and like, we're forced to fix all the posts that have already been published while still using the AMP template. What if the numbers have hundreds or even thousands, of course, this is a tough job and it will take a long time to fix all the posts to be valid AMP and that's the reality you have to deal with when deciding to use AMP templates.

    Admin itself when trying to fix published and average posts on how to place placements or how to insertion images on posts that don't match the AMP procedure. Then after the Admin fixes all the images that are in the post, it is still another problem that makes all AMP invalid posts, and this is the hardest point to solve before.

    For those of you who want to know how to insert an image on the post to be valid AMP and the results of the Flast post loading when accessed user please listen to < a href = "https://www.berbagitutorialonline.com/2019/07/tutorial-cara-menyelipkan-gambar.html" > Tutorial how to insert an AMP Template post image .

    Where Admin already asked a lot of friends of the AMP template users but this problem is not solved, because as the Admin said before making an AMP valid post is hard, but not hard when already know Procedure. On average they give an answer that the problem is caused by a lot of CSS code, or the number of widget codes installed. Just imagine for the Admin of a newbie blogger that the blind science edit HTML should modify or reduce the existing CSS code on the template. Surely it is a big problem, and very difficult to solve even often at risk of when modifying or deleting HTML code without the science of the blog look so messy.

    After days admins are looking for solutions addressing the following issues:

    The Author Stylesheet specified in tag 'style amp-custom' is too long the limit is 50000 bytes

    The Author Stylesheet specified in tag 'style amp-custom' and the combined inline styles is to large-document contains 50638 bytes whereas the limits is 50000 bytes

    With the question and seraching Google the end of the problem above solved and how to overcome it is very easy once, yes it is easy if already tau Ilmunya.

    It turns out that the problem is caused by the many CSS code on the Konsten Postinga page, and the code is "style " . So when we create a post in Compos mode automatically The CSS code   "style "   This will appear by itself following the content writing settings we applied. If we see   in HTML mode it will   a lot of code   "style " on each new paragraph or a separator between paragraphs.

    You need to know that there is a code   "style "   on a blog post with its legal AMP template. Yes.... AMP has banned the code being loaded in AMP posts as a result if there is a   code "style "   one time automatically your post when it is published will be problematic and invalid AMP .

    Now the problem is obvious, what causes   invalid posts and what you should do. You should remove all code   "style " on posts that will be published and previously created. Re-edit the post before it is published through the compose mode by deleting all the code   "style "

    How you first create a post as usual using compose mode which is easier then if it is finished switch to HTML mode. After that please remove all the code   "style "   that is in the post.

    In addition to creating valid AMP is not allowed to change the default color of the post (black) to another color (color effect) such as giving a red color to the important points or giving a color block to the Important points such as the following :

    And can not also make a post write format on the right left (justify) because by giving a justify effect it will automatically appear a haram code that is "style"

    If in a small amount it does not matter, but if there are too many paragraphs given the warn and justify effects then the result of the post will not valid AMP because it gives many effects on the writing to add load loads post, of course, it is Opposite the AMP working principle that prioritizes load speed.

    Back to the Compos mode, the posts you've made neatly in such a way will appear cluttered without any spaces. So you have to re-edit by giving space between paragraphs. But do not do the SPACEBAR in Compose mode, return to the HTML mode then to give space between paragraphs please slip the code </BR > between paragraphs one with the other.

    Then return to HTML mode, if all paragraphs have been split neatly and separated by the spacing then you publish them again. After you publish please check the results of the publication of content,

    If there are still some paragraphs that do not have spaces (spacing between paragraphs) please return to the menu re-edit the post, then the paragraphs that there are no spacing or spacing please add the code </br > back sometimes Need two codes </br > in a row so that the paragraphs have spaces. There are also enough with one code </br > is separated between paragraphs with spaces.

    After you feel the Mantab, please republish and try to Chek if the post has looked neat.

    If you are still unsure that your AMP falid post can do Chek   via the AMP Validator website using the URL of the post. Paspress The post URL then click VALIDATE

    Not satisfied with the AMP Validator report results, you can check again using Google Search Console, then click the URL in the Inspection URL field and then press Enter, for the long re-edited Post then the report will remain AMP invalid because The report still refers to the results of the old post craw. Select the ACTIVE URL UJII Menu and wait a few times the Chek process will take place and the result of the post is Full Valid AMP. Klick The REQUEST reindexing menu to allow AMP's valid content status to be applied to search results or Google searches.

    The next step is to insert an ad between the post paragraphs when you want to apply the method of placing an ad in the middle of the blog post paragraph. For how to install multiple Banner ad units in the middle of a post please see < a href = "https://www.berbagitutorialonline.com/2019/07/tutorial-cara-memasang-beberapa-slot-iklan-amp.html" > Tutorial How to install multiple Banner units Ads on AMP Template posts .

    Makes a full AMP valid post to date the most feared scourge by beginner bloggers of Non-AMP Template users who are not yet close and get to know the true AMP Template. Many say that creating a valid AMP post is very difficult, but in fact if you know the method and procedure of creating an AMP valid post it is not a hard thing if it's according to Amin only It's a bit of a fuss because creating a post should go through HTML mode and it takes a little longer when compared to creating a Non AMP post via the compose.


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