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  • One of the best and most important bloggers ' routines are regular post updates so that the blog is always up to date and liked by Google. By regularly creating posts in addition to enriching Content blog can also increase the traffic of organic visitors who return to visit at other times because it is satisfied and interested to continue to follow the update of a blog when the content feels useful and Interest read visitors.

    Every post that has been created and published to be quickly elements by search engines whether it's Google, Bing or Yandex we have to submit the post URL through Webmaster Tools. Usually to check if the post is already index or has not been averaging using the checking method through the inspect element using the URL of the post that will be checked in the indexable status or type the post Url into the browser search with Add the word site: in front of the URL. Obviously, this will make the job, and takes a special time each time want to check the status of the post index.

    On this occasion the admin will share tips on how to get notifications or status notifications of new posts that have been created and published and Submit on Google Webmaster Tools automatically by email. So this way you don't have to bother checking the Url of your one post to confirm the status of the Index.

    Actually a feature that will be utilized to get notifications of this post index has been widely implemented but may not be thought to make use of it privately because this feature is actually intended to provide A new post update notification to the follower blog is not for yourself. What features is it?

    The answer is feature Subscribe or Langanan notification Update via Email. As shown in the following screenshot:

    You can take advantage of the Subscribe Via Email feature that has been installed on your Blog page to get a status notification of the post indexing. Use a different email address to Subscribe to update your own blog content,   for the use of email used to manage the blog itself Admin has not tried it.

    Every new post that has been automatically linked to anyone who has followed the blog by subscribe or email subscription will get notification of new posts that have been published. As for example in the following screenshot:

    Bisanya Notification Notifications The presence of new posts appears after 1 x 24 hours from the start of Post published and Submit in Google Webmaster Tools. Sometimes it's also not up to 24 hours a few hours after the post published notifications status notifications new post index has appeared.

    This way is ensured that all new posts that have been created and published are index by Google with notifications or notifications of updates of post content via email. So that we can easily ensure the status of the post index without having to manually check.

    Based on the experience to date has never been any problem of blog post sharing Online tutorials that are not index. Because always get update notifications by email and the longest time is 1 x 24 hours since the post was published.

    If it turns out that after implementing this method you do not have to get a Posting index status notification via email after waiting for 1 x 24 hours. Need to check the status of the index URL through the Inspect Google Webmaster Tools Menu Item times there is an unstuck error because the content is problematic and needs to be corrected in order to be indexable by Google.

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