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  • So that blogs are getting better in the eyes of your Google Search Engine as a blogger who manages a blog needs to implement an improved method of SEO Blog Score you manage. The higher the Secore SEO Blog then let's get the content opportunities to post entry to the Google page one search page or at least go into the category of 10 search page views and have the competitiveness with blogs-blog competitors with Nice Same.

    To improve the SEO Score Blog you have to do a check first, what is the value of your current Blog Score, and what actions I can apply to address some of the problems that should be corrected so that the SEO Score can increase. As for the provider Secore SEO Checker website that often admins use them; Seositecheckup.com, GTmetrix, App.neilpatel.com, Validator.ampproject.org, and smallseotools.com. What is Google Analytics?

    Next what is Google Analytics and what is its function? How does the application process on a blog with an AMP Template so that the Blog does not encounter Invalid structure Code issues and remain Full Valid AMP?

    Google Analytics is one of the free services from Google that serves to showcase the performance and statistics of visitors to a website or blog. With Google Analytics you can monitor traffic and from anywhere the Visitor blog originated, based on the country and searching engines used and others. For those of you who do not already have a Google Analytics account can learn how to register and its implementation through the following tutorial: How to list the Google Analytics Account Tutorial

    To install Google Analytics code on a blog with an AMP template can follow the following Google Analytics Valid code installation procedures:

    Copy and paste The following code right in the bottom area of the Head code or above the /head , when there is already default from the code template then it does not need to be reinstalled.

      <script async='async' custom-element='amp-analytics' src='https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0/amp-analytics-0.1.js'/>

    Copy and paspress The following code under the code body

      <amp-analytics id='analytics1' type='googleanalytics'> 
      <script type='application/json'> { &quot;vars&quot;: { &quot;account&quot;: &quot;UA-82899994-1&quot; }, &quot;triggers&quot;: { &quot;trackPageview&quot;: { &quot;on&quot;: &quot;visible&quot;, &quot;request&quot;: &quot;pageview&quot; } } } </script> 

    Replace your Google Analytics ID code with the Google Analytics code of your Blog then click Save Theme to apply.

    After that try to Chek your SEO Blog Score, certainly the value of SEO score number will increase several points and try to Chek whether after the installation of this Google Analytics code there is a problem invalid code the AMP template on your Blog. If the procedure is correct, there shouldn't be a problem and your template stays full valid AMP as the Admin has practice implementing.

    Here is a screenshot of the SEO Blog Score sharing online tutorials on the website Seositecheckup.com, GTmetrix and App.neilpatel.com.

    Before implementing the Google Analytics code installation

    After implementing the Google Analytics code installation

    With the installation of Google Analytics code on the blog then we can easily find out the traffic sources of the blog traffic through the Google Analytics app. Apk for Android and can also do a trafic checking the Google website Analytics via your computer's Browser or laptop.

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