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  • Installing ad banner units on AMP templates is not as easy as placing banner ads on Non-AMP templates in general, specifically for AMP templates need special treatment on AD banner Code installation of both the Google AdSense AD banner and ad banner Other alternatives such as advertising banners from the affiliate advertising network. The original code that gets from the ad provider if we directly apply to the AMP template will result in the blog page becoming invalid AMP. Some invalid AMP error notifications will appear in the AMP Validator tool. Therefore, it takes a special way or method in the installation of an ad banner unit on the AMP template.

    On this occasion the Admin will share Tutorial on how to install an Affiliate ad Banner in order not to generate errors and fully valid AMP. As we know that in general, existing AMP templates are prioritized and only provide Google AdSense ad placement codes not providing other ad banner placement codes such as Affiliate ads. With this method later you can put up the ad banner both from the advertising network Affiliate and Non-Affiliate AdSense alternatives. Provider of Affiliate ads such as; DomaiNesia, NiagaHoster, InvolveAsia, Diib, Admitad, Accestrade and others.

    Before finding this ad code pairing method admins themselves are experiencing an invalid issue AMP blog page every time an affiliate AD unit is installed via the Layout menu, for the AMP validation error view as follows:

    Admin was asked to ask the provider of the Affiliate's banner that is not Admin DomaiNesia Support, but it turned out that DomaiNesia itself does not understand how to install banner ads on AMP templates

    Then Admin recalled with Bang Adhy Suryadi Website owner prodigy, and asked him how to put an affiliate ad banner on the AMP templates? Alhamdulilah he responds well and provides solutions to AMP's invalid problems due to the installation of the DomaiNesia affiliate advertising banner code.

    Finally thanks to the help of Bang Adhy Suryadi install advertising banner Affiliate DomaiNesia be Full Valid on the In-Wepo Website using the AMP templates and the following its appearance:

    For you Blog owner with AMP Template that incidentally does not install Google AdSense ads and feels interested to put up an Affiliate advertising banner please use the following Banner AD code:

      <a aria-label="DomaiNesia" href="https://www.domainesia.com/?aff=7039" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener" title="DomaiNesia"><amp-img  alt="DomaiNesia"  src="https://goo.gl/wdBX8M" title="DomaiNesia" width="300" height="250"></amp-img></a>

    This is an example of the banner ad installation code in the widget area via the Layout menu with the banner size of 300 x 250 for its ad display as in the following screenshot:

    This is an example of the banner ad installation code in the footer area through the Layout menu with the banner size of 450 x 90, the exact size of the right is 728 x 90 But here the Admin forgot to re-edit, because without re-edited because of the Layout code = "Responsive " then automatically banner ads will be customized with available space. For the ad view such as the following screenshot:


    To install good ad banners from the Affiliate advertising service providers and Non-affiliate on blogs that use AMP templates need specific actions to be immediately unable to install the code from advertising providers because they can be causing a blog page to be invalid AMP with an error code that does not correspond to AMP's stipulations.

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