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  • HRFLang is a tag whose content confirms the language used on a blog page. Its function is to tell Googlebot that the blog uses a specific language and is directed to visitors residing in a particular country. If the writing Tab is correct and corresponds to the language used on the blog, then the effect Google will maximize the performance of the blog in the SERP according to the region where the blog is accessed by visitors. But if the writing is not correct or does not match the language used, for example, a blog using Bahasa Indonesia but the tag HFEFLang posted to the blog is the English language code so your blog will be accused fetched aka hoax and will appear alert notification on the dashboard Google search console

    Tag HREFLang includes things that at the moment are mostly ignored by bloggers, so many do not know the importance of this Tag in terms of SEO and Pengjung optimization. Every day when you access the Internet network and surf in the virtual world using a browser, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Opera browser when you open a search engine open Google is almost always Google.com and google.co.id. Whereas Google domain is a lot of it, almost as much as the number of countries in the world. But why is it open for you just google.com or occasionally google.co.id?

    This is where the function of the presence of HREFLang tags, each region or country there is a priority of the language used so that the community of Internet users will obviously be more familiar with the language of the region or language of their respective countries. So Google automatically detects the presence of users and adjusts the content of the most relevant search results according to the language used in the user's region zone.

    To check if the website or blog that you manage already use the tag HREFLang, can go through the page Dashboard Google Search Console, please select the property of your blog domain then on the left side menu select Traffic Menu Search then select the International targeting sub-menu, the Language tab click.

    As for installing the tag HREFLang please copy paste the following code in the HTML code area of the template, precisely between the code <head> and </head>.

      <link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='id-id' rel='alternate'/>
      <link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='x-default' rel='alternate'/>

    Note The Code ID-ID , the first ID code is the language code used in the writing of the blog post, and the second ID code there is a country code. Learn more if you want to see language codes and countries KodeSingkatan.Com

    You can also use the first method but only use one code I example for the country Indonesia ID and do not use the second code as the country code. Automatically will remain detected by Indonesian country.

    Code The first HREFLang Tag is a code with Indonesian language targeting and the target country of Indonesia, while the second HREFLang Tag code X-Default is a finished automatic HRFLang code using this code means you are not using Language and region targeting for your blog (Universal Global).

    Please select one of the codes with the Universal Global or international, Klick save the theme to apply.

    To further improve the SEO quality a blog one is to install the tag HREFLang according to the language used in the writing of blog posts and the country of the target visitor blog.

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