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  • File Extention PDF with multi-page or both pages of results Scand multi-page directly or from the result convert PDF files using software PDF Converter or Website PDF Online Converter usually for the size of the file has a unit of MB and when The task of Kb is rarely can be below 500kb, when it is applied usually results preview file rupture or blur is not so clear.

    Through this post-Admin will share the tutorial how to create a multi-page PDF file with the size that can be set according to the needs, of course, the result of Kb and can be below 500 Kb, the results of the document preview will not be blurry or broken, Just a little blurry.

    Prepare a document file to be made PDF multi-page in the form of JPG images, can be through the results of Scand using the built-in software scanner or printer, through photos from HP, or through scanned documents using the   Photoshop application.

    For how to scan documents using Photoshop application, the steps are as follows:

    Enter the document file that will be scan in Box Scanner. Open the Photoshop application, then click on the File Select the Import menu and then select the WIA Support submenu.

    will appear WIA Support Scanner window, select Start

    Reappears new window to select Device scanner, Klick OK to continue

    Klick Scan to start the scanned document, if you want to determine the image resolution Klick Adjust quality the scanned picture.

    The Scan process will take several seconds, please wait until it finishes

    After the scan process is complete, crop the document view by simply retrieving the important document area only by eliminating the nominal height and width, this is done to reduce the document display width so as to minimize the file size.

    To create a multi-page PDF file We will use the application   Microsoft Word, open the application Microsoft Word then create a New document to use a paper size 5 x 7 in.

    Reduce the boundary spacing of Upper down Tex document, left and side become like the following:

    , press JPG file that will be used as PDF multi-page One by one, to facilitate the placement of the image position on each image apply the settings in front of text via the Format menu select Wrap Text then select In Front of Text

    Image File in Microsoft Word is ready to be made PDF Multi Page, Klick the Save or Save As menu then on the option Save As Type Select PDF klick Save to create a PDF File.

    automatically when a PDF file is created successfully will be displayed in the Adobe Reader

    Let's see from a 5 page Multi-page PDF File measuring 1.03 MB is quite small when compared to a Multi-Page PDF file with a direct scan method.

    When the size of a PDF File Multi-Page apparently does not meet the needs, the less small for example must be under 1 MB then we can shrink the PDF Multi-Page File by shrinking the paper size.

    Result after paper size changed to 8 x 11.5 cm Multi Page PDF file size of 5 pages can be 439 Kb.


    To create a Multi Page PDF file in addition to directly using the software Bawan scanner can also use the application Miscrosoft Word, the advantage we can manually resize a file Multi Page created easily without Using PDF Converter, PDF Comprezer, PDF Minimizer, and PDF Reduce.

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