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  • In this post, the Admin will share the experience of troubleshooting a notification on AdSense account when a blog is submitted in the AdSense Publisher program than in the Approve or approved to appear a distraction "Your income is at risk-one or Some of your ads. txt files don't contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this problem now as well to avoid a serious impact on your revenue".

    It is natural Admin when registering Blog that previously hit Banned alias Backlis Google AdSense, brief previous story Admin already 2x exposed Google AdSense Banned Account. Banned first occurred after a week of blog Diaprove and earnings began to flow, because it sees the revenue that continues to flow and the amount of revenue that increases each day the Admin is an initiative to improve its own ad klick with Use Mobile Phone family members and finally Terdetect Invalid traffic that leads to Account Google AdSense.

    Then Admin tried to re-register the Blog to the Google AdSense program for the second using the new account, it did not take a long time only 2 days direct speed Approve will but again banned after one week running with Invalid Traffic report But the Admin itself is no longer doing click violations but somehow directly banned again, probably because of the short registration distance, so banned directly re-register with new account. And on the banned to 2x this is not only acount Google AdSense just that the banned Blog also seemed to get banned can no longer be used to list GoogleAdsense.

    Ads. TXT stands for Authorized Digital Sellers which is an IAB initiative to improve transparency in programmatic advertising.   Publishers or blog owners can create their own ads. txt to identify which sellers are allowed to sell their inventory. These files are publicly available and can be crawled by third-party buyers, exchanges, and vendors.

    Use of ads. TXT is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Ads. txt File can help   protect the brand from counterfeit inventory, which is intentionally labeled incorrectly as coming from a particular domain, app, or video. Declaring an authorized reseller can help   receive more advertiser spend that may previously lead to counterfeit inventory.

    To troubleshoot an Ads file. This txt is to create and add an Ads file code snippet. TXT in the Blog's search preferences setting already provided by Google AdSense on the warning form the ADX txt does not contain the publisher ID.

    If a blogger gets AdSense delivery alerts as below screenshot shown, please copy the Ads code. TXT that is already provided by the AdSense Team.

    Open and Loggin to Acount Blogger, on the page Dashboard blog Select settings menu or after   then select the Search Preferences sub-menu.

    In the custom ADS txt monetization setting click Edit and then select Yes and then paste the previously copied code into the Ads Input Code field. TXT then click Save Changes.

    Until here we've managed to troubleshoot the Ads txt issue. Does not contain the publisher ID, please wait 1 x 24 hours the AdSense Team takes time to verify it, as already the admin practice at 13.00 WIB and the new problem is confirmed in the morning at around 08.00 WIB. The Ads txt warning in acount Google AdSense is gone and the Blog can automatically show ads.

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