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  • Sometimes on AdSense publisher account POPs notifications your earnings are at risk – you need to fix some issues of your ads. txt file to avoid a serious impact on your revenue. Whether it's the intention of this notification, I do not understand it. However, according to existing instructions, AdSense users must implement the root-level domain ads. txt file of each site that gets a notification like this. For the TXT change itself after the remediation action is applied as described by AdSense it may take several days.

    To solve the problem of AdSense earning the Nextdoor is very easy, you as a blogger user only need to paste text from ads. txt file in the custom Ads txt area on the Dashboard Blogger Search Preferences menu.

    Download an ADS TXT file then open it by using the Notepad application and then copy the text inside it and paste it in the ADS TXT kunstom content activation menu as shown in the following screen shot:

    Klick Save the changes for implementing the ads. txt file. Until here the process of overcoming your AdSense instill is at risk of finishing waiting for confirming party AdSense process and no need for any other action. After the process Diconfirmasi or verified ads. txt by Team AdSense then the alert or notification will disappear on its own.

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