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  • What is Rakuten Marketing Affiliate?

    Rakuten Marketing Affiliate is a global affiliate network where marketers get to engage consumers throughout their customer journey. Here, publishers and advertisers get to connect with each other. These partnerships allow businesses to reach new audiences and encourage previous buyers to make another purchase.

    Rakuten Marketing Affiliate has solutions for both publishers and advertisers that allows them to look forward to more revenues through an all-around strategy that is continually fine-tuned. This way, all users can leverage the network and experience its benefits to the fullest.

    With Rakuten Marketing Affiliate, businesses can rest assured that they are partnering only with the best influencers and publishers. This lets them maintain high-quality connections that can support their brand effectively.

    To be a member of the affiliate Rakuten Marketing, the first step is to access the network website Rakuten Marketing.

    On the Dashboard page of Rakuten Marketing Klick Header Menu PUBLISHER SIGN UP, a member registration form will appear.

    Content from threaded Your company information, starting from the country, Legal Entity Type, Your Busines Name, Adress, City, Postal Code, Contact Phone and other, in the field Social Security Number can be emptied, then checklist I am exempt from backup withholding.

    Fill out the Contact & Account Info form According to your personal data starting from the First name, Last name, email, username, password Account.

    Fill out the form Primary Website Info, starting from Website Name, Your Blog URL, Date Established Your Blob, Short Description Your Blog, and other information regarding your Blog according to the actual circumstances.

    Specify your payment threshold, Preference language in Email Communication and Language Preference in Dashboard Account Rakuten.

    Please read the Program policy, terms, and conditions that must be obeyed, then the approval checklist.

    Click Sign Me Up to continue your registration process

    Enter the code CHAPCA then klick the Submite

    Account Registration of Member Affiliate Rakuten Marketing successfully, next please Sign in to your unlock

    Enter the Username and password that you created earlier from the previous registration.

    There will be instructions for managing the Account of Rakuten, how to complete your personal data, payment Account, and how to choose and get the ad code in the PROGRAMS menu.

    Now you are already a part of Rakuten Marketing, take Banner ads and start earning money from your website. You will be paid if a user purchases a product through your ad link. Rakuten Banner Ad code you can install via the template Layout menu by creating a new widget HTML mode.

    For you users of the Blogger AMP Template, Agar Banner ads on your Website page is valid AMP please refer to the Tutorial how to install an AMP Valid Affiliate ad Banner.

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