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  • Use of Disqus comments at this time is almost used on all types of templates both AMP and Non AMP especially on AMP base templates because it is essentially not suport with the Blogger comments feature.

    For novice bloggers like Admin themselves when trying to change a blog template where the default Comentar template feature is Disqus and no Comentar blogger feature will have a hard time changing the Disqus Comentar Id. To the extent to be able to replace the default, Disqus Id of the Admin template itself takes days. Have tried searching for tutorials but most do not show the core where the location of code Id Disqus that must be replaced with our own Disqus Id. Just as simple as using an AMP template is a new one that is full of questions about how it's applied because it's used to use only Non-AMP templates that are easy to manage.

    For those of you who may be reading this post recently implemented a new template with Disqus feature and do not yet have a Disqus Account, the first step you should do is create a Disqus Account first. Please access official Websiten disqus.com

    For those of you who have already made or already have a Disqus account directly login with your account then select I Want To Comment on Sites.

    On the page dashboard Account Disqus, create a Disqus Comentar for your blog, for example here the admin will create a Disqus Account for the gallery of website letters.

    Because the Admin had previously made a Disqus Comentar feature for this blog, then the Admin chose the + New menu.

    Enter your Website name then select Category Website then click Create Site

    Then specify your blog platform, select Blogger for website type blogger

    Then on the next page Klick Configure

    Enter the address of your website or blog, also enter the rules of comments that should be obeyed by the blog's Pengjung.

    Do not forget to select Bahasa Indonesia then Klick Complate Setup. On the next page select Confiqure Your site's Community Setting

    Select the Website that we are managing and will be created Account Id Disqus Website

    Enter Disqus account profile photo with Klick Choose File, then click Save

    Then scroll to the top of the page, and copy shortename which Admin give the red arrow, this is the ID shortname disqus which we will then install.

    Open Daboard Blogger, select theme then select Edit HTML. Find the location of the code Id Comentar Disqus which is shortname by activating the search feature CTRL + F then use the word hardcoding Disqus or shortname.

    Once the location ID shorname disqus is found replace with your shortname that has been created before and to apply it Klick Save theme .

    Now try to open one of your blog posts then Chek on Disqus Comment feature, have successfully replaced the Disqus Id. If the procedure is correct then it will look like the image below.

    Appears the comment rules and Blog names that have been created earlier.

    Replacing Disqus Id default template is actually easy, but for beginners who do not know the procedure of account creation Disqus and how it is applied it will be very difficult and confusing, so we are required to always learn and experience Is the best teacher for us.

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