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  • Problem rejection of registration to Google AdSense the most frequent majority experienced by Blogger beginner from the past until now is indicative of the content of copy or rewriting of content from other sources or copy-paste the post of people Other. On the Dashboard AdSense Account that is being filed usually appears to notice the rejection reason as follows:

    You need to fix a few things to use AdSense we found a violation that makes your site disapproved.

    As stated in our policy may not display ads on pages or apps that do not provide benefits or only minimal benefits and or that contain excessive advertising for these users include pages or applications containing Recopying content from other sources without adding value see Google's Webmaster guidelines on content with little or no added value for more information,

    Where a culture copy-paste post content was rampant and became a budding blogger culture. It is due to lazy factor writing, less inspiring, less initiative, willing to own, and want to quickly have a lot of post content instantly. Though such actions obviously harm others and violate the Google AdSense policy program especially if the goal of being a blogger is to earn revenue from AdSense.

    The content of the copy also includes the content of the copy results post and or backup restore of the blog itself, in other words, the content of the results cloning the content of the post that has been published on the previously created blog. While the content of the post belongs to itself, which makes it not the result of copying or rewriting the post content of others, it will still be detected copy content as Google detects the content has been published and is index In Google search engine

    As I've just experienced, where I copied and backup some content posts from blogs I've created before. Not because it merely wants to duplicate or clone posts so that new blogs are fast content-rich. However, due to the post content, I copied and restored to the new Blog was very few visitors when viewed on the page view of the Blogger Dashboard post. While to make the content of posts that are minimal visitor is not easy and certainly very exhausting. The goal is to have a minimal post visitor from the previous blog when it is published to his new blog can get a visitor quickly and the blog quickly has a lot of content.

    It turned out that it was not justified by the Google AdSense Team, so it resulted in my new Blog being rejected when it was registered to AdSense with the basis of a copy content rejection. For that, while the time up to the site In-Wepo Approved AdSense I restore the entire content of the results of the old blog copy to the draft and leave only the content of the post that I actually made directly on the website In-Wepo.

    When a website is already approved, the content returned to the draft is published with the added value of content so as not to impress exactly the content that has been published.

    Note: This content is translated using a language translator tool, apologize if there a language that difficult to understand

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