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  • Registering a Blog to the Google AdSense Publisher Program is an uncommon and common thing for bloggers. Even many of their the among the including admins themselves are motivated to create a blog with the intention of participating as part of the Google AdSense advertising Publisher. Having a good Blog on the look of both layout and navigation, quality content and being a Google AdSense advertising Publisher is a pride and satisfaction of its own for a Blogger.

    But being able to join a Google AdSense ads Publisher is not easy. A lot of deciding factors are accepted/approved as Google AdSense AD Publishers. Then it is not uncommon to do a registration we will run into some constraints, even some have hard-earned repeated lists are still rejected. A few tips for you who are still in the process of registering a blog to the Google AdSense Program:

    1. Create a blog with themes and content that is interesting and if you can uniquely rarely discuss other bloggers with this thing then your blog could occupy Page One on google searching results without the need to learn and apply SEO science Blog.  
    2. do not copy and paste the content of other bloggers, create content posts that are purely self-thought results (words themselves) more commonly known as Original content or Unique. If you're interested in discussion of posts that happen to be discussed by other bloggers then you can re-write them in your own words and remember don't copy-paste the content of others because Google doesn't like it.
    3. use the Theme with good quality in both the layout and navigation display as well as a theme that is SEO Friendly Dekstop and Mobile (lightweight Theme is easily accessible by desktop or Android devices).  
    4. diligently create posts, at least one day 1 post
    5. Remove all AD code if you've previously posted an ad from another publisher;
    6. and much more

    On this post the Admin will share the Tutorial experience how to solve Google AdSense rejection with notification code not found and valuable inventory: no content.

    The problem is a natural Admin when registering a new Blog Admin that is RumahTausiyah.com after the previous Admin has successfully registered 7 Blog Approved Google AdSense. What is interesting is when registering a blog Rumah Tausiyah This admin neglect some things in the management of the blog so registration was 3 times rejected. Whereas previously never rejected more than 1 time when already found the key to register a successful blog to Google AdSense. It is certainly a very valuable and unforgettable complainant, a result of the rigor and spirit want to enrich themselves with Google AdSense Approved blog. Surely this experience will also be very beneficial for those of you who are experiencing the same problem with the solution to the problem that will be admin explain in this post.

    First: We could not find the code on your site. This is because the code does not exist incomplete, or because the site's ULR is wrong .

    Notification of this issue admins get a register of blogs via the Add Site in Account Google AdSense and in the afternoon get a notification that the code is not found. Yet the AdSense site review code is Admin install.

    Because the curious Admin tried to replace the code by deleting/replacing the old code with the new copy result code, then requesting a re-overview. However, the issue still appears three times the rejection with the same notification.

    Obviously, this was a headache, why can it be that when the code is clear and sure the Admin install. Got suspicious of the theme, is the theme problematic? Admin Retry replaces Theme code, replace other themes apparently it is not a solution and does not resolve the problem.

    Because curious admins try to check all the menus and settings that are on the Dashboard Blogger, apparently and apparently..... There is one menu that has not Admin activate. This may be due to the spirit and the excitement at that time to the extent that the Admin forgot to activate the income menu. In the heart, he said to his foolish selves at that time.

    Second issue: We found some policy violations on your site, which your site has not been ready to show ad valuable inventory: no content.

    This second notification problem is also until now, yet the Admin knows exactly what the cause is. Notifications no content is obviously not very well suited to the reality of the blog, only stupid people who register a blank blog without a post.  

    But my experience, this issue can be solved by regularly making posts every day at least 1 per-day post content on the blog review by the AdSense team.

    Of these two problems rejection blog from Google AdSense Advertising publishers above can be concluded that when we will register a blog make sure that the blog is really ready to be registered and reviewed by the Google AdSense team. He was; Revenue Menu Activationon Google AdSense Dashboard.

    Go to the menu after selecting the language and formatting sub-menu, then in the field select English (United States)-English (United States) then click Save Settings. Automatically, the earnings menu will be displayed

    Then enable show ads Menu on Blog and then click Save

    Create a Blog post at least 10 original homemade posts before registering your blog to the AdSense Program. Then create a post every day when the Google AdSense Team review period.

    When registering Blog to Google AdSense ad Publisher, enter the review code in the Edit HTML code area of Thema do not forget to enter also the Auto Ads setting code installed under the code < HEAD > and < BODY >

    Do not Replace template Blog during the review period, if the Blog status is still in review as below screenshots then be patient to wait for the review results accompanied by prayer and enrich the Blog with the content of new posts, as well as share Blog to social media so that visitor traffic continues to increase every day.

    The review period based on the experience can not be ensured, at least 1 x 24 hours Approved with the condition of blogs that are over a month old and rich in original content and fairly high traffic. While for a new blog with a visitor who is under 50 people per day is usually the earliest 1 week and the longest one month if indeed blog meets the criteria or depends on each hoky.

    Here is the new Blog Admin Tausiyah Islamic that was established on 17 February 2019 and a day later on 18 February 2019 Admin try to register to Google AdSense.

    After experiencing some of the above problems, precisely the blog ageless 1 day even one month finally on March 16, 2019, Islamic Tausiyah blog approved by Google AdSense Team and will probably be faster if from the beginning the Admin does not careless do Error.

    So Tutorial how to overcome rejection speed Blog to be an advertising Publisher   Google AdSense with notification violations code not found and no content. Hopefully, this experience is useful and a solution for you who encountered the same problem and you see in the next tutorial.

    Note: This content is translated using a language translator tool, apologize if there a language that difficult to understand

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