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  • Among AdSense rejection notification that often occurs in addition to the valuable inventory: scrolling through a copy, site behavior: Navigation has Account AdSense more than one, meaning the AdSense team Identifying that you as an applicant has a dual AdSense account, AdSense program only allows 1 account per user.

    Why can I get an indication of Double Acount AdSense?

    While you don't feel you have another active AdSense Account?  

    The answer is because maybe you already tried to register the blog using another email address before but failed or rejected, then you try to re-register using the new email address and still use the address or number The same phone then that you use a device such as Laptop, mobile or computer.

    Consequently System review Team Google AdSense Identify the similarity of data on AdSense application from the same Blog URL address, same mobile phone number, same address, the same Device hardware Id, can also be through the cache and cookies Browser that is still stored in the browser.

    Even if you don't have an active and approved AdSense Account, then the Google AdSense Team will still detect the attempt to activate the AdSense Account with the same proprietary data. While the AdSense party only allows one person to use one AdSense Account that can be used for multi-ownership registration of websites or blogs.

    Throughout the experience the Admin has never experienced a case like this, and just this time experienced it because it intentionally admins own to register a new Blog In-Wepo using 2 different email addresses. Because the Blog review process is too long through the ADD Website AdSense Account Approved up to 3 weeks more no notice of review results. After applying for an AdSense activation using the new email address is not until 1 x 24 hours, the response is immediately received and the result is rejected due to the program policy violation.

    Surprisingly new Day the list using a new email already get the message that it's been 7 days signing up for AdSense while using the old Account that already approved no news at all

    Two days later, the old Account registration was received and the same was rejected. But strangely, usually the rejection information is also included, this time there is no information about the rejection of the AdSense Team.

    Before experiencing rejection of this AdSense Account Dobule indication in advance Blog In-Wepo is indicative of content copy, because indeed at first blog content In-Wepo is the result of backup restore Blog posts Berbagi tutorials Online with a visitor Low. After Admin repairs, the content violates the copy of the AdSense Account disclaimer. It is also evidence that AdSense rejection Double Account indication is caused by a mistake in applying for an email address with an indication of ownership of the same person's Account.

    Then how is solution?

    Usually to overcome the AdSense Team's rejection because an indication of Double ownership of the AdSense Account is to register the blog using a different device or devices. So you have to switch using your phone, laptop or another computer. Don't use the one you've previously used to sign up and get a rejection. Use a single email address that you really want to use for AdSense and don't try a second time using 2 different email addresses to sign up for AdSense in a near time range.

    I have registered with a new device but still indicated double account where the error and how to fix it?

    If it turns out after you use a new device to register anyway my Google AdSense Team is the double-ownership AdSense Account, the solution is to delete one of your Google accounts. Not only does it simply undo the speed of one of your AdSense accounts, but you really need to delete one of your Google accounts. After that, try to register again once you get a notification that the account you have filed for deletion has actually been permanently deleted by Google.

    is there any solution other than deleting one Google account?

    If you do not want to delete any of your Google accounts that have previously been used to sign up for AdSense. Another solution or alternative is to create a new account using the identity data of your family members, can use the data of your sister, brother, mother or father. Use also different mobile phone contact number do not use phone contact number before. For the temporary address point, you can fill not in accordance with the actual data, because later when the address verification process using your PIN can change it before the delivery confirmation PIN of the AdSense payment address verification.

    Note: This content is translated using a language translator tool, apologize if there a language that difficult to understand

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