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  • Sharing code in tutorial posts like HTML Code, JavaScript code and code CSS using Syntax Highlighter not all of them can run smoothly. Sometimes there is a certain code when inserted in the placement area of the code   Syntax Highlighter when the publication is still read as part of the template code finally the appearance of the post becomes messy.

    Example as the display in the following image, but logically the procedure is correct by placing the HTML code, Java Script code or CSS code between <pre><code>  ----- </pre></code> In HTML post mode.

    To deal with it is inversely proportional to the coding method of the non-AMP and AMP Syntax Highlighter template that should be in HTML mode it can be with Compose mode by previously placing the caller or writing code Syntax Highlighter in HTML mode is then restored in Compose mode as in the following figure:

    In the compose mode place Java Script code or Code CSS that you want to share according to the placement area of the code.

    So the result is like the following image

    Then try to publish, then the result is as desired, code HTML, Java Script Code or CSS code that is shared through Syntax Highlighter performs perfectly with no display errors.

    To resolve display errors code HTML, Java Script code or CSS Code shared via caller code Syntax Highlighter in a post like tutorial post is By entering the code in Compos mode.

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