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  • The rejection problem of AdSense enrollment most often overwrites novice bloggers is the Problem of blog page navigation. Where Website or Blog is not yet ready to display ads by the AdSense Team because of navigation issues that are not yet compliant with the program policies. Usually, the explanation of rejection includes the information that Team AdSense found some policy violations, where the AdSense Team gave the conditions of the Website or Blog that display Google ads must provide important and useful information for users. Users should be able to explore the entire site easy to find the promised products or services.

    This means that the Website owner is obliged to complete the URL link of the navigation menu available in the Header and footer menus. So when user accesses one of the menu labels that are in the menu header or footer menus are directly directed to the page corresponding to the menu label and no error occurs   such as the page could not be accessed due to an improper URL or Indeed the linked page in the header menu of the footer has not been created.

    In general, the requirements to be equipped with regards to navigation a website is a menu About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Term of Service and the header menu by post label without any invalid URL. So all the menus that are in the header and footer have a valid URL and can be accessed easily by the user. So it does not feel deceived by the navigation menu that turns out the page is inaccessible or not found.

    For how to edit the header menu Footer for those of you who do not yet know how to equip can visit the Tutorial on how to Edit Menu labels and links URL Header of Blog Footer.

    Once all navigation menus are ensured easily accessible by the user as well as the page that is part of the menu that is in the footer header is valid then you re-submit the review.

    Note: This content is translated using a language translator tool, apologize if there a language that difficult to understand

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