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  • The number of posts on the blog's home page is recommended to be adjusted with the template view used. For example, if you use a Non-AMP template that averages the Home Page static, i.e. the post content is shown horizontally on the line for the number of posts to look comfortable, it's just between 5-10 content, while for the AMP template Grata-Flat using the Grid view that Psotingam content displayed vertically Line with the display width narrower than the Horizontal Line display so that in one page display can display between 8-12 posts even more depending Setting the   area width and the number of content columns that are home page.

    Why should I set the number of posts? And how?

    The number of posts on the Blog page should necessarily be arranged for the page view of the blog's home page when accessed by the user looks neat and comfortable to see. When you use multiple menu widgets on the right or left side of the post content page, we recommend that the number of posts displayed is adjusted so that when visitors want to see the entire page until the bottom area there is no area is empty and there is only a widget row view.

    For the way quite easy and a short buddy blogger please login on Blogger, on the display Dashboard Blog select menu Settings then select Sub Menu posts, comments and shares then on the menu at the top right post: Show as much Maybe please buddy blogger change according to the number of posts the page is desired. The suggestion is not to show too many posts in a single page as it will reduce the speed of the blog when accessed. After determining the number of posts the last step save settings and see the results. The number of post content displayed will be the same as the amount you applied to the setting.

    Quite, so Tutorial set the number of posts on the page of the blogger home page, for tutorials about the management of other bloggers you can see it on the Sitemap menu located in the footer area, or can also be through the Blogger menu label.

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