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  • One of the AdSense alternative advertising providers for bloggers who are not part of the AdSense ad Publisher is Infolinks. Infolinks is one of the service providers In-text advertising that was founded in 2007, which allows the owners of WEB content or commonly called Web publishers, to benefit from In-text advertising in the form of ad revenue without Risk. Wikipedia

    The payment is calculated based on the Pay per click (PPC) text targeting the ads in the form of link text that adapts to the existing keywords in the post content. Allowing publishers to earn ad Klick revenue because they are mixed with the content of the Post's contents. A little important information info link targets websites with English, Spanish, and German.

    Here's how to register to be an advertising publisher Infolinks, first of all, you please access the official website Infolinks.com.

    On the page Hompe Infolinks will appear an offer to join with 20% more payouts. Enter your website or blog URL then click Sign Up With Email.

    Then it will appear the next registration form, enter your name, email address and create the Posword Publisher account Infolinks, after that Klick JOIN.

    The initial registration process is completed, you will be re-taken on the home page of Infolinks website. Click Log in to continue registration.

    Select Login as PUBLISHER, enter the email address and password that you created earlier, and then click log in.

    Appears your registration status information is still in the process of reviewing and enablement of the account, you will be instructed to install a temporary AD test widget. Klick 1-minute integration.

    You will also receive an email message to integrate by placing an ad widget code on your website page.

    Select Java Csript (all platforms) then copy the ad widget code Infolinks

    Choose Type website you are Wordpress, Blogger, Drupal, or Joomla. If you're a Blogger user, select Blogger then installs Plugin.

    Enter title Windget For example Infolink In text Ads, then click Edit Content

    Paste the ad Widget code that you've previously copied in the Content Edit area. Then Klick adds the Widget.

    Automatically, you will be taken to the page dashboard blogger then the ad widget Infolinks have appeared by itself, click Save Settings to apply the widget.

    The next step is that you have to wait for the Infolinks Team Reviewer's decision within 2 working days. The reviewer team will contact you via an email message. Here because the blog admins dominated Indonesian-based content certainly does not meet the criteria until it is rejected.

    For those of you who feel Interested in being an Infolinks publisher advertising, make the content of the post only in English, for the amount of content is not necessarily a lot of 5 posts or more. Then try your visitor's blog comes from organic traffic results from searching Google users who find the content of your posts in the search results. You can join into a publisher infolinks through the following link JOIN NOW

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