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  • The Moneytizer is a digital advertising platform that gives publishers the opportunity to Kokoro money from their website by joining the MoneyTizer ad issuer. Based on the one I acquired from the website owner Comovivirdetublog in his article Themoneytizer vs Google AdSense which pays more of the advertising revenue from Moneytizer is greater than AdSense, where AdSense pays By the number of Klick ads Adviesraad Moneytizer pay the advertising. For the time being the Money Tizer changed Support 8 languages European and American because Moneytizer is not targeted for publishers from the Asian region.

    Moneytizer is actually a suitable for Wordpress platform website because it is in the page installation instructions SVLK code website and banner Ads intended for Wordpress platform website.

    are you interested in joining a Moneytizer advertising publisher? If yes follow the steps below:

    First go to the official website us.themoneytizer.com, then on page homepage The maximum revenue of Seamless monetization select SIGN UP.

    There will be a registration form select individual, then fill in the registration form based on your identity according to your residence ID.

    I myself am in registration using blogger, my website is received within 2 business days. I received a notification email of my webiste approved as shown in the following screen shot:

    At first I found it difficult and confused on how to implement website verification and banner Advertising because there is no clue that leads to blogger users. Where we need to install ads. Text and also the Consentment banner Code Verification code uploaded in the HTML code area of the template composer.

    To install ads. Text The same way you install AdSense ads. Text, go to the blogger dashboard, select the Settings menu and then select the Search Preferences menu.

    Enable custom ads. txt submissions and paste the ads. Text code and then click Save Changes. After that click Check your ad. txt file.

    Your File notification will appear well-integrated and up to date

    If all the settings you have applied, then the result is like the Screenhsot this will each be marked with a green checklist.

    To verify Consentment banner, copy the code then paste below < head >, as shown in the following screenshot. Then click Save Theme to apply.

    Return to the Moneytizer page, in the Consentment banner section, click on Check Your Consent banner

    Once you have successfully verified ads. TXT and consentment banner, the next step is to select the banner of the ad that you will apply to the page of your website.

    There are many types of banner ad format options, select that you think corresponds to your website page, copy the banner ad code then place it according to the instructions that are in each type of banner ad.

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