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  • In this post I will share how to get paid through the blog by promoting the large company products that exist in the Asian region. By joining as Puslisher sales Involve Asia's buddy bloggers can participate as online sales masketing. As we know as long as the sales are directly eggplant in the field, it turns out that there are also sales bloggers in cyberspace. Our job is to promote the company's products that are already in cooperation with Involve Asia through the site or social media.

    This method is arguably other than the other when compared to ad publishers who are getting paid through ad impressions or ad Klick. Here more than just that our blogger friend will get paid if the visitor blog visit the advertisement owner's website and then do a trankwitness purchase of goods then we will earn a reward or an income between 2% to 35% of the large Transactions according to company's determination.

    It sounds easy but it is also quite difficult where the reward or payment will be given in case of transactions during the browser cookie period. For the schematic consider the following image:

    Now let's start arbitral start registration member Involve Asia

    First of all please visit the official website Invove.Asia

    On the Dasboard Home Involve Asia page Select the PUBLISHER menu

    Click Sign UP to begin registration

    Enter the business name or personal name, then email, and password after that and approval I Agree, do verify I'm not a robot then Klick Sign Up. Here because I previously had acount so it is not possible to do a re-list please complete the next registration form until completed.

    The picture above is the page dashboard acount I looked have been getting 50 klick but the income is still 0. This is because most likely my blog visitors just simply browse the product from the ad and not make a purchase. In the Revenue information box looks minimum the income cash withdrawal is amounting to $20

    On the dashboard menu also displayed a list of new companies or new traders working together joining Involve Asia from here we can get new promotional targets. To see the full details of the Buddy Klick look over the top right corner.

    On the new page, the list of blogger traders can choose to accommodate which company products are desired. There is also a filter menu to facilitate the selection of traders.   Please click on the drill image next to the Search menu.

    On the Campaign Type menu, select the type of work payment whether CPA, CPA + CPS, or CPC

    In Available Toos Select promotion type whether Deplink (promotion link via Medsos) campaign (Promotion advertising via blog widget) Shoplinks (Prmosi links through promotional articles) and Datafeed

    In the Kaegori menu please select the desired ad type or select all categories for the random ad system without targeting a specific product. After finishing setting Filter click on Search will show list of merchants   or ad publisher companies.

    Choose according to your taste, look each offer a different percentage of income if you want a big income up to $54 looking for a health doctor trader

    Klick Learn more to know the Revenue payment scheme and generate to start a promotion on social media. For example we try to select Open Lapak Online Store

    Sturuktur appears detailed commissions and marketing target countries, as well as schemes of paid rewards

    For Banner ad types installed on the blog Please select Tools menu on the Dasboard then select campaigns.

    The list is visible as well as the start date of the promotion and end of Apromosi and on the previous line there is a link to get the ad code.

    Klick get Link, it will appear a new dialogue, please copy the HTML Code of the ad

    For installation login to Blogger, on the page Dasboard Blog select Tata Tetak Menu then select Add a Gadget

    Select HTML Gadget/JavaScrip

    In the HTML gadgets/JavaScrip Configuration box, press the ad code that we copied earlier and then click Save. For application Klick Save settings

    Have a look at the results, banner advertising has been in the blog next step stay pray hopefully there is a user blog end of shopping via link promotion of our blog.

    So Tutorial how to register a blog is part of Publisher Sales Marketing Involve Asia, hopefully easy to understand and see you in the next Tutorial.

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