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  • Not long ago There is a local Indonesian advertising provider who pays ads with a count of Cost Per Mile which means ads are paid based on the number of views Per 1,000 view with pay Rp. 5,000,-. Of course, with the value of CPMS, it is quite adequate when compared with the CPM value of already known ads such as MGID. But for Scam or whether I have just signed up, so have not been able to prove it.

    Here's a review of who Raja TraFiic.Com

    PT Media Promotion Online, we are a digital advertising agency company that has thousands of bloggers as partners to promote client products. With RajaTraffic.com, we can increase website visitors (web traffic), increase the number of YouTubers subscribers, increase the number of Instagram followers, strengthen business brand branding, expand the networking business and other positive things to improve your business.

    A Banner installed in RajaTraffic, will be deployed to all our blog partners. Link from the banner can be to the website, Instagram account, YouTuber account, and can also directly to the WA number.

    Some benefits of RajaTraffic for business entrepreneurs/online stores:

    1. Website that sells products/services, sales will increase, the more curious  
    2. Website Download Movie/song/anime/Game/ebook, number of which download will be increased  
    3. MLM Website, will add a lot of downline  
    4. Branding website, further introducing the company, increasing the trust of prospective buyers  
    5. introducing new products to the online world  
    6. increases YouTuber subscribers, the more views YouTube channel  
    7. increase the number of Instagram followers

    Our commitment, want to succeed online stores Indonesia, do not rely on foreign marketplace, can not promote the brand of products, we want to increase sales along with the brand that is increasingly recognized by the people of Indonesia.

    Our commitment, make it easy for online entrepreneurs to introduce new products to the online world, to a wider world, without having to cost a lot.

    Our commitment, want to be a trusted Digital Advertising Agency because previously we have successfully launched RajaBacklink.com, a marketplace blogger from all over Indonesia, to help online entrepreneurs to achieve the best ranking in search engines and get positive reviews from bloggers.

    PT Media Promotion Online

    Digital Advertising Agency.

    For those of you who are interested to be part of Publisher RajaTraffict terms and conditions are easy that the Blog should contain Indonesian language content and have at least 50 content post that has been Terindex Google Webmastertools., directly Access official website rajatraffic.com

    On the page Home Page RajaTraffic Select the list menu located in the Header of the Website.

    On the registration Form select Register as Publisher.

    The Registration Form page appears as a publisher   RajaTraffic. Enter your identity data by your identity card, click Submit to start registration.

    The registration process is successful, the next step is to activate the account of the member publisher RajaTraffic. You will receive an account activation confirmation email message. Open the email message you received and then confirm the activation of the RajaTraffic account Publisher.

    The Account activation process is successful, click the link to start completing your profile

    On the dashboard page of Publisher RajaTraffic select my Website Menu to register your Blog which will later be used to publish ads from RajaTraffic.

    Enter your website name or title, enter your Website URL, then select and checklist at least 4 categories then click Save.

    The ADD Website process is successful, the next step is to wait for the result of Team RajaTraffic review decision, usually, the average review process lasts 2 working days.

    You will receive an email message to the registration status of your website whether it meets the terms and conditions and Approved or unfulfilled or not feasible so that your website will be rejected. If you do not receive a message you can check the status of the website verification on the publisher's dashboard   RajaTraffic.

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