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  • Ratakan.com is a local advertising network based in Indonesia Affiliate which means advertising publisher, in this case, the owner of the website that works together and publishes an advertisement from advertiser Ratakan.com will earn rewards in case of the selling process Purchase goods or services through the banners link advertisements installed by the visitor. For large commissions depending on the policy of the Advertiser Party or Advertiser. Sebenernya This affiliate AD network if smoothly more profitable than ads with Pay per click (PPC) payment system. But unfortunately to get interested visitors and buy items in the promotion of affiliate advertising is in fact very difficult.

    Here is a tutorial on how to join a publisher of advertising publishers Ratakan.com Affiliate.

    First Direct Access website official page ratakan.com, on the page home page, Ratakan.com you will see the registration menu. Klick Register now

    will then appear the Registration form page includes full name input, email address, phone contact number, user name and so on. Enter your identity according to the registration form.

    After completion fills the registration form checklist Approval Policy Program Ratakan.com, then checklist I'm not a robot then Klick list.

    You will receive a verification email message enablement of the ad Publisher account Ratakan.com.

    Open the confirmation email for your Publisher Ratakan.com account then confirm to continue the account activation process.

    The account verification process is successful, you will receive 2 pieces of email message Ratakan.com which contains the registration info successfully and the next instruction message to complete your profile on the member Publisher dashboard Ratakan.com.

    First set up a payment account, click Update your bank account

    Klick here to see the list of Bank codes in Indonesia

    Select the bank code based on the bank account you will use to receive the payment.

    When you are finished entering a payment account, the next step is to start installing affiliate advertising banners. Click the Affiliation menu and then select Promotion Tools.

    Use the Ad Type filter feature whether the banner type AD and the link or one of those ad types you are interested in then click on Apply then it will appear a list of Advertiser affiliate advertising banners that are ready for you to apply.

    Here I example promotion AD Banner SEO course from Saung SEO

    appears several banner ad size options, select the location based on the ad placement on your blog. For widget areas can use a square ad type and for header and footer areas can use a rectangular banner ad type.

    For you users of Non-Amp templates for the installation of script ads can be directly through the Layout menu Add New widget.

    For you the AMP template used for the application of Scrip ads must use a special method of ad pairing to be Valid AMP.

    URL Image Banner ad can be retrieved via Klick right Banner ad selected then select Copy Image Address. While for URL link target Affiliate Please note the following screenshots:

    For installation Use the following script, replace the target URL and the ad banner image URL.

    <a aria-label='Glints' href='https://account.ratakan.com/aff/go/sahrulparawie?i=722' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank' title='DomaiNesia'><amp-img alt=' Glints ' height='250' layout='responsive' src='https://account.ratakan.com/file/get/path/banners.563441e699fa5/i/92852' title=' Glints' width='250'/></a

    The first Link is the Target URL link, and the second link afterward is an ad banner image link, changing the size of the height and width based on your needs. For more details, note the following screenshots:

    Here is the appearance of the application of Banner affiliate advertisement Ratakan.com on the page home page website In-Wepo.Com. the pretty interesting look of the website In-Wepo s more Perfect Syantik with the presence of banner advertisements.

    How does Sobat Blogger feel interested in becoming a Ratakan.com affiliate advertising publisher?

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