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  • Before starting how to register to be an ad publisher Taboola It's good to know in advance who is Taboola which is an alternative advertising network other than on Google AdSense.

    Taboola is a private advertising company headquartered in New York City. It provides advertisements such as the "Around the Web" and "Recommended For You" boxes at the bottom of many online news articles. Taboola creates the "Around The Web" and "Recommended For You" boxes at the bottom of many webpages. Additionally, it can recommend video content or user-generated content. Taboola is used by content publishers to encourage users to view more articles on the same site, or to gain revenues for referral traffic. Marketers and brands bid for views of their content. Then, an algorithm displays the advertiser's content to certain website users based on the content the user is viewing, the content's length and metadata, the user's history, and other factors. The most popular ad categories on Taboola are finance and fitness. Taboola also has tools for publishers to remove offensive content and vet ads before they are displayed. By Wikipedia

    First step please access the official web page Taboola

    On the menu header of the home page Taboola, click on the Publisher menu, then select Contact Us menu to start registration.

    will appear the registration Form page, as shown in the following screenshot:

    Fill out the registration form by having your identity   yourself, starting from email, name, country, Website URL, and Company Name

    After filling in all the registration forms, enter also what you want to convey to the reviewer Taboola Team, such as the following example I convey the desire to join the ad as the publisher Taboola and start earning Sari website that I manage.

    Klick Submit to continue your registration

    A few minutes later you will get a short message through email, according to the email address you listed on the registration form as follows:

    Team reviewer who is none other than Mr. Carl Ballantine asks us to send the traffic data on website "Could you provide me with some more details about your current traffic volume, sources, PVs, etc. and also your Google analytics of the full month With PVs and Mobile vs PC ratio "

    You can retrieve the Website traffic report via Google Analytics, log into your Google Analytics account then select the site to which the traffic will be taken. Click on the summary Menu and then note in the top area on the right appears EXPORT.


    Klick Menu Export then select PDF, then the audience overview report in the form of PDF files will be downloaded automatically.

    According to the request of Mr. Carl Ballantine Send your Website traffic audience summary file from Google Analytics via email reply.

    Until here the registration process to be Publisher ad Taboola finish, within 2 working days you will usually get a notification from the Team reviewer Taboola about the status of your application.

    Note: This content is translated using a language translator tool, apologize if there a language that difficult to understand

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