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  • One of the frequently   issues with using an AMP Blogger template is where the published post results in an AMP Invalid error with a problem notification like this   The Author's Stylesheet specified in tag Style amp-Custom is too long the limit is 50000 bytes or like this   The Author Stylesheet specified in tag ' style amp-Custom ' and the combined inline styles is to large-document contains 50638 bytes whereas the limits is 50000 bytes when Via the Google Search Consule inspection and the AMP Validator.

    For this type of error is quite confusing because when the Admin tries to find the solution through searching Google but the result is average English and hard to understand. After many times searching Google then admins found one of the blogs that discussed the method of creating a post to be valid AMP but did not discuss the above error, after the admin practice one of them is to remove code cobinated code Style   on posts in HTML mode and Admin publish Alhamdulillah a valid live post AMP.

    This is where the new Admin finds the answer, that the error is actually caused by the number of CSS code but not the CSS code located on the Edit HTML Template menu Malainkan the post code. While many are convicted that the cause is a lot of CSS code and additional widget codes are in the Edit HTML Template menu.

    So when we create a post in Compos mode automatically The CSS code   Style   This will appear by itself following the content writing settings we applied. If we see   in HTML mode it will   a lot of code   style   on each new paragraph or sepation separator between paragraphs like this: < div style = "text-align: justify; " > That almost exist on each Post-writing paragraphs.

    You need to know that the codestyleOn a blog post with its legal AMP template. Yes.... AMP has banned the code being loaded in a resulting AMP post if it is a code"style"One only automatically your post when it is published will be problematic and invalid AMP with an average error like thisThe Author Stylesheet specified in tag 'style amp-custom' and the combined inline styles is to large-document contains 50638 bytes whereas the limits is 50000 bytes For large point value contain 50638 bytes depending on the length of the explanation and the number of supporting images present in a post.

    Now the problem is obvious, what causes   invalid post and error   is too long the limit is 50000 bytes and what you should do. You must remove all the code <div style="text-align: justify;"> and other code cobination containing the words   style   on posts to be published and previously created.

    By deleting the above code in HTML mode then the post that you have made neat in such a way will appear cluttered without any spaces. So you have to re-edit by giving space between paragraphs. But do not do the SPACEBAR in Compose mode, go back to the HTML mode then to give space between paragraphs please slip the code </br> Between paragraphs one with the other.

    If all paragraphs have been split neatly and separated by the space that you publish it again and see the results you can be sure your post is valid AMP.

    If there are still some paragraphs that do not have spaces (spacing between paragraphs) please return to the menu re-edit the post, then the paragraphs that no spacing or spacing please add the code </br> Back sometimes need two codes </br> Consecutive paragraphs to have spaces. There are also enough with one code </br> has been separated between paragraphs with spaces.

    After you feel the Mantab, please republish and try to Chek if the post has looked neat.

    An AMP invalid post on using an AMP template with an error notification The Author Stylesheet specified in tag style amp-Custom is too long The limit is 50000 bytes is caused by the number of style codes that are the result code such as a post made a left-right align with the code Justify.

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